Where have I been?

where have i been

This blog is all about my favourite things and recently one of my favourite things – life, has been getting in the way of keeping it up to date. It’s not that I’ve had nothing to write about, there has been plenty, it is just that other things have taken priority and I hope now to finally find the time to share with you all of the exciting things I have found and done.

A major obstacle to having any productive “me” time has been the lack of sleep we have all been getting. This is nothing unusual for a household with a baby in it but things were progressively getting worse until I was at a point where I was no longer myself and everyone was suffering. We were so tired we couldn’t think straight and so with the help of an expert ‘baby whisperer’ we finally got back on track and now have a baby who happily sleeps through the night. I can now be one of those annoying mums who can say that their baby sleeps 7 till 7. The bliss! It couldn’t have come at a better time. Our baby has grown into a little girl. She is sleeping, eating solid foods, walking, babbling and developing an adorable little personality. It is amazing what a good nights sleep will do for you.

During my hiatus from my blog we found lots of new favourite cafes and shops that we are definitely going to be regulars at. Amongst the many treasures was a perfect morning in James Street Burleigh and a nostalgic trip to Nobby Beach to a great cafe near a second hand bookstore we remember visiting many years ago under the hill that Magic Mountain used to perch on. And on the hunt to find some of the best coffee on the coast we had to check out Canteen and Blackboard and Elk.

The other major event and most definitely one of my very most favourite things on the calendar every year, it was my girls birthdays. I’m sure we wont be able to get away with this forever but with their birthdays only 15 days apart we were able to have a joint party for them. You can read all about the party, the decorations and of course the cakes, oh my the cakes!

It’s great having 2 girls because it means they can share their toys and their clothes and well, just about everything. The down side is that they become very difficult to buy for the second time around since they don’t need anything after inheriting the hand me downs from the first child. And you know that they will both be sharing toys anyway, age appropriate or not. So gift shopping became a tricky task and then as always, once I started looking there was just so many adorable things I could have bought if money grew on a pretty little tree in my backyard. So like every little girl should be, they were spoilt and treated like princesses and stretched it out over 2 whole weeks.

Other than that it has been all sushi, rollercoasters, Disney magic and activities beyond the stereotype. All in all, life is good, life is busy and hopefully life includes some time for me to do some more writing. Oh, and just to balance it all out there is a travel post that has been sitting dormant on my computer that I should finally hit send on. Enjoy!

*This is a big catch up blog so in an effort to avoid bombarding you with everything at once I am going to space out releasing all of these posts over the next couple of weeks. Keep an eye out and come and read a little more each day and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

**UPDATED – All post links are complete

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