Easy DIY Felt Crown

DIY Felt Crown

When it came to the girls birthday party I thought I would make them special party hats and considering all things princess are a hit I immediately decided they would be crowns. If I was going to be putting a bit of effort into making these crowns I thought I would make them something that would last a bit longer then a couple of hours for the party. Something they could put in their dress up box. Kids love to play dress ups and I am happy to encourage them to use their imagination and get creative in designing props from things around the house. But gone are the days of paper crowns, they now each have their own felt crown. And you can make one too in just 3 easy steps.

Two Felt Crowns

1. Draw your crown shape onto a piece of paper and cut it out. Fold an A4 sheet of felt in half and line the bottom edge of your crown pattern up along the folded edge of felt. Use a few pins to hold everything together while you cut out the felt following your pattern. Don’t cut along the folded edge.

2. Stitch the two sides of felt together. I preferred the look of hand stitching for this. Decorate your crown with hand cut felt shapes, buttons, sequins, appliques, puffy paints, anything you want. You can glue them on but I stitched mine on for more durability.

3. Cut a length of ribbon long enough to go around your childs head and tie on. I like using a ribbon as it is easy to get on and off, it will grow with your child and doesn’t hurt like elastic or hair combs. Centre the ribbon along the bottom edge of the crown and sew along the top and bottom edges. I used a machine for this to give it a nice strong attachment.

You can personalise this any way you like and even put the kids initials on them. And these aren’t just for girls, the boys will have fun with crowns too.

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