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It is a new week and I have a new person for you to meet! Today I chat with Kylie Purtell from A Study in Contradictions about her favourite things. Kylie is a wife, mother, book lover and loves photography and graphic design. A girl of my own heart. SHe blogs about all sorts of things and that’s what I love about her blog, you never know what to expect. So I thought it would be interesting to find out a bit more about the wonderful person behind the computer screen. Here are Kylie’s favourite things.


Colouring In A study in Contradictions

I have absolutely loved colouring in for as long as I can remember. As a kid my sister and I could spend hours colouring in, with or without TV on in the background. Now as an adult I find it really relaxing.

It’s also a really good distraction when I’m watching TV and just want to stuff my face with food. I pull out the pencils or textas and get colouring. My favourite things to colour are the “Deluxe” books, with nice thick pages that don’t allow bleed-through when colouring with textas, or “adult” colouring books that are filled with lots of patterns, like mandalas.


Gadgets A study in Contradictions
I love gadgets. Whether it be a new TV, a new phone or some kind of electrical appliance, I love gadgets. I devour instruction manuals and get really annoyed when stuff doesn’t have one printed and sitting in the box. It’s not the same reading the instructions from a PDF!

When I get a new phone or computer I spend hours playing with it and pressing every single button. I am, by my very nature, a super curious person, and I hate not knowing something, so I will play and research and read until the next exciting gadget comes along!


Photography.jpgEver since I got my first camera for my 10th birthday I’ve been obsessed with photography and taking pictures. I’m pretty sure that first role of film I shot there was not a single head that made it in to the picture! I’ve since practised quite a bit, and I think I’ve definitely improved somewhat. Ha!

For me, photography is not just about capturing a moment and recording it for prosperity. For me, photography is a creative outlet. It’s for experimentation. I’m always looking for some new or different technique to try out. Since getting my first digital SLR in 2007 I have probably taken over 20,000 images, most of which will never see the outside of my hard drive.

That is the beauty of digital photography. It allows me take as many pictures as I like, and to be able to go back to those pictures again and again to see where I went wrong and learn how to improve. The day I say I don’t have anything more to learn about photography is the day I’m dead!

Graphic Design

Design A study in ContradictionsI’ve always had an interest in graphic design, and in particular layout and collage. When I was in high school I would spend hours upon hours creating massive collages on my bedroom walls with pictures from anywhere I could find them. As time has gone on, and I started doing more desktop publishing for my work, and playing around with my own blog, my interest in digital design has also grown.

I’ve been doing an introductory graphic design course through Open Colleges, and I am hoping to go on to study for my Certificate IV. I find myself thinking about design all day, and since doing the course I see everything around me in a new and interesting way and I love it. It’s opened my eyes, and revealed a new side to my creativity, and I’m excited to see where it takes me. My dream is to be able to combine my love of photography and design and turn it in to a viable job.

Watching my girls grow & learn and spending time with my family

Family Photo

This last year has been an amazing one for my family, with the birth of our second daughter. It has been an absolute privilege to watch my girls grow and their relationship as sisters develop. I’ve also loved watching Dave and the father he’s become, and I seriously think they are two of the luckiest girls in the world to have scored him as a Dad.

Dave now works rotating, 12-hour shifts, with 4 days on then 4 days off. It means that we actually have more time to hang out together and do fun stuff as a family and I’m really loving it. The days that Dave works can be hard and long by myself, especially the two night shifts when he works all night and sleeps all day, but the pay-off of 4 days together at the end makes it all worth it.


Thanks for sharing Kylie, you are such a creative person with so much passion for it that I am sure that your perfect career will come along. Let me know when you find it because I’d love to be there right beside you! There is certainly something cathartic about colouring in. When I stop and sit down with my girls to colour, it is very relaxing and I find myself lost in the lines and colours. I never thought to do it on my own but you might be on to something there, especially if it stops the late night munching.

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