Friday Favourite: Blah Blah Magazine

Friday Favourites BlahBlahMagazineBele and her husband Gordon have revolutionised their lives to be able to create a beautiful and meaningful life that doesn’t cost the earth by seeking out clever ways to make, mend or meander their way to lovely things. They share how they do this on their blog Blah Blah Magazine and I am always inspired by the projects that they do. Without further ‘blah blah’ from me, let’s see what Bele’s favourite things are so you can love her as much as I do.

I’m so happy to be here on the mighty fine My Brown Paper Packages sharing a few of my favourite things. I confess, I am now humming the Sound of Music soundtrack, because I watched it about three hundred times too many as a kid, so apologies if this post is a bit sing-songy. But, ‘When the dog bites… ahem.’

It’s always funny narrowing down our favourite things – I have too many favourite things. ‘When the bee…’

These are a few of my favourite things

1. Little moments with little people


The craziness, the mayhem, the love – it all happens too fast.

2. I’m stunned I found someone else happy to go on lunatic adventures with me

Someone else who will turn the corner just to see what is around it. It’s such a privilege to meet like-minded people, which is one of the things I love, love, love about blogging.

3. Living a country life in the city

Country-lifeI realised I couldn’t move to the country, so five years ago, I set about on a mad adventure to recreate all the bits I wanted of a country life in the city and I’m getting pretty close. If only I was better at remembering to watering those tomato plants!

4. Homemade beauty


At the moment I have an unhealthy obsession with turning old coffee grains into body scrubs, largely because I’m annoyed that some cosmetics companies are being cheap and nasty and using plastic micro bead exfoliators that end up choking our sea life and in our food chain and do we really need to rub more plastic over ourselves? So unnecessary!

5. Salads. All of them. I don’t think I’ve met a salad I haven’t liked


Although, we keep going past a fig stall and I have to stop. Figs are one of my favourite things.

What are your favourite things? Are you a salad lover? A country-dweller or a city person? And fess up those who watch Sound of Music to death or am I the only one?

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