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As my inaugural blog post I thought that I should explain a little about why I am doing this. This is a giant leap for me. Life is busy enough and now I am adding a commitment to myself to get this going. I may have to add circus clown to my list of skills as I learn how to juggle all of this. But this is something I want to do and something that I hope will make me happy.

My Brown Paper Packages has been something I have been working on for a while now. The problem was, it was all in my head, so many ideas swirling around and brewing like a storm. New Year struck like lightening and all of a sudden I decided that I needed to make a move and that hopefully momentum would naturally occur.

The name comes from my surname, Brown, rather uninspiring on its own I will admit. But when I think of all of my favourite things, the famous Mary Poppins song pops into my head (I bet you had to stop and sing a line or two – and I’m sorry if you find this song stuck in your head all day). I am also endeavouring on designing my own printed merchandise, on paper. And who doesn’t love the flutter of excitement imagining the endless possibilities that a surprise brown paper package might contain. It was all rather serendipitous, and so My Brown Paper Packages was born.

The sentiment behind everything on my blog is to create a happy life and everything I write about will be how I do that for myself. You may want to do the same or it might simply inspire you, either way I am happy to share.

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