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Kid MagazineThis week I have Sara Keli, the Editor and Chief Kid at Kid Magazine sharing her five favourite things with us. Kid Magazine is an online magazine and blog for mums who like style, pretty things and looking after themselves and their families. Sara is a Japanese-speaking, fabric-hoarding, book-loving woman with a degree in Human Resources. She loves everything pink, drinks way too much tea, doesn’t drink as much wine as she used to and can never sit still for more than 10 minutes. So I think her top five will be interesting …




When I think of my favourite things, of course my family is the first thing that pops in to my head. But what I really love about my family is the delightful chaos we live in everyday. My daughter and I are both chatterboxes (lucky hubby is a good listener) and we like to be constantly doing, creating and living. The three of us have together created our own beautiful version of chaos and it brings me such joy.


Saltwater Sandals

I have only just discovered Saltwater Sandals and they are the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned. I can’t wear heels at the moment as I need to be on toddler chasing duty at all times so I love that these are stylish and practical. Better yet my Saltwater Sandals are silver, which also fulfils my current lust for anything metallic.


The Wiggles

These guys (and girl) with their colourful shirts, cheesy jokes and catchy tunes are responsible for the fact that, on most days, I am able to prepare dinner uninterrupted. They have also been there for me when I have had an urgent email to answer or when I was desperate for a cup of tea after a long day. I know some parents don’t allow their kids to watch TV but, for the most part, I am spending time with my girl and taking her on many a fun adventure so a little wiggly fun isn’t going to hurt!



I have always loved making things. I have a craft cupboard overflowing with bits and bobs just waiting for me to do something with them. My hubby runs in fear when he hears me say the words, “I’ve got an idea” or “I need to call in at Spotlight for a few minutes”. I can’t draw or paint but I can put colours together and make things with my hands. I love the escape of crafting and more than anything I love sharing my creations with family and friends.


My Job

With such corporate aspiration as a young woman, I never imagined I would be running a business from my home and working with some of the most amazingly talented women (and a few men!). I feel so blessed to be able to spend as much time with my daughter as I do and still enjoy such a fulfilling career. I am so proud of what I have built with Kid Magazine and couldn’t love it any more than I do!


Thanks for joining in #myfridayfavourites Sara, you certainly have every reason to be proud of Kid Magazine. And I agree, in amongst all the joyous chaos a little bit of wiggles and a cup of tea can go a long way.

What is on your #myfridayfavourites this week?

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