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This week I am very happy to have Jody from Six Little Hearts as my guest for Friday Favourites. On Jody’s blog you can get a glimpse into what her life is like with 6 kids, grab a recipe, get some parenting advice, and craft ideas. Right now though, let’s find out what is on her Friday Favourites list.

I’m so honoured to be invited to share my five favourite things here – and it has really got me thinking too – what exactly are my five favourite things right now? I could tell you each of my children’s straight up but when it comes to me, well, that’s something to sit and think on…

Okay, firstly, I LOVE Fridays! That feeling you get at 6pm on a Friday is like Christmas Eve every week isn’t it? I know that I can settle in for the weekend with no deadlines, no lunchboxes. It’s just family for two whole days. My family has eight members (six of them are children) and my kids are all aged between 2 and 14. The kids mostly spend their weekend in their pyjamas and playing video games. It’s anything goes here and that’s why I’d say being with my little tribe is my top pick.

Friday Favourite Six Little Hearts Buffy

I’m currently totally absorbed with a recent purchase – a gigantic Buffy The Vampire Slayer DVD collection! (Buffy is a television series from the ’90’s – do you remember it?) My Husband and I were huge fans back then and lately, I was missing it. (There are only so many years of children’s programs one can endure before you go slightly batty.) I’ve now 3600 hours of Buffy to watch on around 15, triple DVD box sets – I am in Heaven! I think that might last me throughout Winter this year and I’m a bit thrilled about that.

Friday Favourite Six Little Hearts KidsI am excited that now that my youngest is an easier age at two, I can start to think about my hobbies again. I love dressmaking and I have a vast collection of vintage and new patterns to sew as well as books barely opened, containing absolutely gorgeous designs for kids.

Friday Favourite Six Little Hearts Sewing

I am looking forward to sewing up a stunning little girl’s dress from this book. I’ve bought everything I need, now I just need the time and the space and away I go…

Friday Favourite Six Little Hearts Choc PuddingIt’s getting colder here in Melbourne which means I start getting cravings for my favourite chocolate self-saucing pudding. It fulfils all of my desires – it’s hot, gooey, delicious and laden with cocoa. I have blogged it and you can catch the recipe here. I would have made it on the weekend but we were out of eggs so I drank hot chocolate in its place. I really like chocolate and I’m not the least bit ashamed of that fact.

And finally, I am excited! We are planning on selling our house and moving back to the inner burbs of Melbourne where we will be renting instead. It’s a bit of an adventure for us all and we’re nervous. The lure of the inner life with all of its cafes, shops, the close proximity to friends and essentials such as good libraries, safer speed limits and so on is just too good to pass up while our kids are young. We think our kids will be happier inner and we will too. I have learnt that I am a city mouse and always will be.


Thanks for joining in My Friday Favourites Jody. I look forward to seeing your sewing creation when you get the time, and I am still drooling over your chocolate pudding. Wish I had a bowl of it right now! 

What is on your #myfridayfavourites list this week?
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