Friday Favourite: The Thud

My guest this week is Lauren, an ex-political journalist who now reports from the front line of parenthood on her blog The Thud. I love that Lauren just tells it how it is, parenthood isn’t all smooth sailing. I coudn’t wait to see what was on Lauren’s favourites list.

Friday Favourites The Thud Lauren

I wanted to talk about my favourite parts of being a mum. I often write about the hard parts of parenthood and while it’s generally supposed to be funny, I sometimes worry people might take me seriously and think I don’t love it. I TOTALLY love it. I love being a mum and my son is the greatest human being EVER. Yes it’s hard and yes I have moments where I want to hide in the pantry and eat Nutella straight out of the tub, but it doesn’t mean I don’t think my life is a thousand per cent more awesome now that I have this tiny human telling me what to do every second of the day.

So let me be a bit serious and share my top five favourite things about being a mum.

Friday Favourites guest Lauren from the Thud


I’m clearly raising my child to be a mummy’s boy with serious attachment issues because I refuse to stop snuggling him. I often sit in his room at night and let him fall asleep on my chest. Because I want to. I love it and I’ll be sad when he doesn’t want me to do it anymore. Yes, I’m doing it all wrong and he’s probably going to have life-long anxiety and end up on a reality TV show handing out roses to women with self-esteem issues (their mothers probably did the same thing) because I still haven’t taught him to lie down, close his eyes and go to sleep on demand like all those other kids of perfect parents who’ve put themselves to sleep since the day they emerged from the womb. Sorrynotsorry. Watcha gonna do about it?

Friday Favourites guest Lauren The Thud


I don’t care what you say, my child is the funniest of them all. He’s a serious weirdo and he makes me laugh constantly. I just don’t get him and the little weird thoughts that run through his head that make him do a spontaneous gymnastics display or put a bucket on his head or lick my knees. He’s always laughing and even when he’s being cheeky or trying to break his own neck, he’s still a complete nutcase and I love it.

Tangent: A little while ago, my father said to me, in all seriousness, “he’s really funny! I wonder who he gets that from?” Thanks for that vote of confidence in my humour blog Dad…

Friday Favourites guest Lauren from The Thud


I’m going to be properly devastated when he learns to speak properly because his pidgin language right now is so cute it hurts me in the guts. I’m keeping a list of all the words that only his dad and I understand. Like ‘bally’ for blanket and ‘no-no’ for donut. I’m in danger of squishing him when we have our little chats about his day. Watching him learn and discover new words every day is more exciting and awe inspiring than I ever imagined. I sometimes feel like a proper idiot with how excited I get because it’s really not that earth shattering but I guess that just makes me a normal mum.

Friday Favourites guest Lauren from The Thud

Mum friends

Truly, one of the best parts of becoming a mum has been making new friends with other mums. I wasn’t into the idea of going to a mother’s group but I’m so so glad I did. I met the best bunch of women who have always done me the absolute honour of being completely honest about their experiences with motherhood. I was lucky enough to escape the typical, competitive, sancti-mummies that can plague mothers groups. Not one of them rubbed their freshly baked, egg-free banana muffins in my face or commented on my unwashed hair and too thick under-eye concealer. None of them pretended to be perfect. They were all willing to admit when they were hating it or felt like they were failing and that made me feel like part of a really special club and gave me the confidence to be me and ultimately led me to start my blog so I could share that sense of freedom with other mums. Freedom from perfection.

My blog

Being a mum gives me so much inspiration. Every day is a new story – if only I had the time to write them all. Parenthood is something that a majority of the population will eventually experience. It’s the single most life-changing event you’ll ever experience. As soon as it happens to you, you want to talk about it. ALL the time. I adore writing about it and having so many people say “me too!” I’m totally in love with my little blogging community and the beautiful people that come back to read my dribble every week. It makes me smile when I see the same names pop up over and over. I feel like I know these people and I get so much enjoyment out of making people smile. I get a little bit of a high when someone says I’ve made them laugh.

I started my blog for me, because I love to write and had lots to say, but I keep doing it for the community. I never expected to love it so much and to feel so connected to the people that come back week after week. (What a sap! I love youse all… )

My Friday Favourites The Thud

Thank you so much for gushing about motherhood Lauren, it is one of the most fabulous things that can happen in our lives and is so special to cherish the happy little moments. How many of my readers are mums? Maybe you have something about motherhood to put on your #myfridayfavourites list this week? Be sure to check out The Thud if you haven’t already, always guaranteed a good read.

Share with us, what is on  your #myfridayfavourites list this week?
Do you have any funny toddler words to share?

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