Frozen Party

Frozen Party

At the request (or maybe it was more of a demand) from the birthday girl, this year she enjoyed a Disney Frozen themed party for her 5th birthday with all of her friends and family. I must admit, it was a nice change from the constant pink that seems to follow little girls around. With Frozen being so popular I thought that it was a good bet that there would probably be a few people out there who might benefit from a few ideas of how to throw a simple Frozen themed party without too much effort.

The Theme & Decorations

Tissue Paper Number

For my Frozen Party I themed everything blue, purple and white. I kept the decorations simple with a streamer curtain, which I then attached some basic white paper snowflakes to. In the centre of this I hung a big tissue paper number 5 and of course there were balloons. In front of my curtain I placed the main table which I covered in a blue plastic tablecloth and made a trim with a purple one that I had cut in half length ways. I made everything I put on the table part of the decorations so was sure to use the same colour theme as much as possible. It is surprising how effective it is to simply have everything match in with a colour theme.

We decided not to have party hats as the kids never seem to wear them for long. Instead we had a couple of cans of glittery hairspray and some lolly necklaces and bracelets for everyone. These were a big hit! The thank you gifts or goodie bags were a plastic sundae cup filled with sweet treats, balloons and stickers and Frozen colouring in.

How to make your Party Number

This is explained in the image above. Cut out a large number on cardboard. You could purchase a sheet but I just used a large cereal box. Cut small rectangles out of tissue paper. Pinch each square in the centre and pull the edges up around it. Twist the bottom, place a small blob of glue on it and stick to the number. Alternate your colours and continue until the whole number is covered. Leave the glue to set for 12-24 hours, depending on your glue and then gently shape your fluffy tufts into the numbers shape. Ta-dah! 

The Games & Activities

Frozen Party Ideas

Every party should have games and I tried to match these to the Frozen theme. We had a table set up with Frozen colouring in that I had simply photocopied out of a drawing book. I attempted to make some sparkly blue silly putty and had a lot of trouble sourcing the ingredients and then failed miserably to make it properly so ended up with a last minute change to some blue sparkly super soft dough. Both of these were nice quiet activities that the kids could retreat to for a little break.

We also played ‘Pin the Nose on Olaf’ – nothing complicated about this one, just a spin on the old classic. I cut carrot noses out of orange paper and printed a large nose-less Olaf. The hardest part was finding a blindfold for the kids. Don’t forget to get this ready beforehand!

For lots of giggles let the kids ‘Build a Snowman’. For this game all you have to do is buy a big packet of cheap toilet paper rolls, crank up the Frozen Soundtrack and turn each other into snowmen. Depending on the size of your party you can group the kids into small teams. Have the kids wrap one person up in toilet paper, decorate them with black buttons and a carrot nose (rolled cone of orange paper with elastic). Take lots of silly photos and pop all the paper in the recycle bin after the fun. My tip for this game is to do it on a soft surface as the kids can get pretty dizzy doing this and will probably topple over. I also put a small wooden stick ( you could use a wooden spoon) inside the spool for them to hold on to so that the paper unrolled easily.

Another simple game is Musical Freeze’, made even more fun if you have the bubble machine going at the same time and of course the music should be the Frozen soundtrack.

The Food

Here is a quick list of the food that we had:

Anna’s Frozen Heart – cut a small V when removing the stalk of a strawberry to make it a heart shape. Dip in melted white chocolate and blue sugar sparkles from your cake decorating aisle. Place upside down in mini cupcake pan in the fridge to set.

Olaf Cheese – cheese sticks with Olaf face drawn on the back of the packet, along with carrot and celery sticks

‘We finish each others sandwiches’ – small ham & cheese sandwiches

Rainbow Layer Jelly – I layered blues, purple and clear to stay on theme

Fruit Skewers – small cubes of fruit on skewers

General party food of course – Coloured Popcorn, Pretzels, Chocolate Clinkers, and marshmallows

And a big tub of cold drinks with stickers and a marker for labeling with names because kids are quick to put down their drinks to run off and play.

The Cake

Frozen Party Cake

Probably the most important element of the party, the cake! I went back to the very popular idea of the rainbow layer cake but with themed colours of blue and purple instead. I sandwiched the layers together with butter cream icing. I made the top section to a giant cupcake for the mountain on top of the cake. I then covered the whole thing in the whitest icing I could think of so it looked like snow.

White Fluffy Frosting Recipe

Combine 1 1/4 cups caster sugar and 1/2 cup water in a small saucepan and stir over a medium heat, do not boil, until the sugar dissolves. Increase the heat and boil for 3-5 minutes. Do not stir once it boils. When it reaches either 115C or forms a soft sticky ball when dropped in a glass of water it is ready. While syrup is boiling beat 3 egg whites in an electric mixer until stiff. Do not stop beating your whites or they will deflate. When your syrup is ready pour it into your egg whites very very slowly while still beating on a medium speed. Continue beating until all syrup is added and you have stiff peaks. Frosting will be thick and fluffy and glossy white.

To decorate I sprinkled blue sparkly sugar crystals on the mountain and placed small Frozen figurines that I purchased off Ebay on the cake. To give it that final wow factor finish I made some magical Elsa ice crystals out of blue candy. I felt a little bit like Heisenberg out of Breaking Bad doing this! This recipe made a lot but it gave me a chance to experiment with it and do different things. You could easily halve this recipe and still make enough.

Magical Elsa Ice Crystals Recipe

Add 1/4 cup caster sugar, 1 1/2 tablespoons glucose syrup and 2 tablespoons of water to a saucepan. Dissolve sugar over a medium heat then boil on high heat until it reaches ‘hard crack’. If you have a thermometer this will be at 150C or when you drop it into a glass of water it will form a hard toffee, not sticky and soft. Add your blue food colouring. Spray a clean baking tray with oil and drizzle your patterns onto this. Be very careful as this stuff is dangerously hot! I did pour a large sheet of it as well but decided not to use this as I really preferred the softer ‘magical’ spun pieces instead. All of your candy will easily lift off your sprayed tins. 

Disney Frozen Party

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