Geometric Artwork

Paint your own geometric artwork

This project has been sitting on my to do list for longer than I expected but I finally got around to doing it. I painted my own geometric artwork on a simple piece of wood to give a bland wall a little bit more life. It was surprisingly quick and easy, just a weekend project done over coffee.

This is really a creative inspiration post rather than a how to I suppose. But, for those of you who like some step by step guidelines, here is a quick tutorial on how you can make your own geometric artwork.

1. Choose your surface to decorate
You can paint onto whatever you like, a canvas, plank of wood, a table top, the back of your door, up-cycle an old cupboard door, the possibilities are endless, just pick your surface to get started.

drawing geo circles

2. Measure
Measure the height and length of your surface and divide it evenly to the size circles you would like. You may need to trim your surface or have a ‘half’ row on the bottom if it isn’t even. Consider where you will be hanging your completed artwork and make sure it isn’t too big or small for the space. You might want to draw your pattern onto a sheet of paper and stick it up on the wall so you can step back and see the effect. I chose my piece of wood to fit my space, I then based my measurements on my piece of wood. I simply did an even division and went from there. For the curious, I had circles with a 9cm diameter.Geo Circles Compass

3. Draw your circles
Start in one corner and line your first circle up to the edges, continue across the entire row drawing circles beside each other. Your next row will overlap the first circles by half the height. As you go you will see your ‘petals’ emerge where the circles overlap. Continue drawing your circles until you are left with your final pattern.

HOT TIP: Take your time to get this step right or it will be a big mess.

Cup trace circles geo

I started off drawing my circle pattern with a compass but then about halfway through I found that the top rim of a cup was the exact dimensions I needed and it made it a lot quicker. You could probably trace your circle onto a stiff card and use that as a template too. Whatever you use to make your pattern it does need to be exact otherwise your circles won’t line up and your pattern just wont be a pattern. So take your time, get it right.

4. Paint the petals
Select your paint colours and randomly paint the ‘petals’. You can obviously pick your own colour scheme to match your room. Mine was going into the kids playroom so I was happy to have it bright and colourful. The colours pick up on other things in the room so it all matches in quite well.

You could make a stencil for the petals but I was happy to hand paint them and end up with Geometric Circle Artworkthe perfectly unperfect look. I actually enjoyed my quiet moments just painting, the slow progress letting me slow down and just enjoy the making of it.

Step back every so often and check your progress, make sure your randomness is scattered enough. I did one colour at a time so I could space them out, if you choose this approach be sure to wait for each colour to dry so you don’t lean on them and smudge them.

5. Leave to dry
I opted to do an unfinished look and didn’t paint all of the petals. I also left my drawing circles on instead of rubbing them out, this was intentional and why I chose to draw them in white. I also prefer the raw look of the wood and have left it unlacquered. Again, you can choose how to finish yours off.

6. Hang your artwork
Attach some picture hooks to the backside and hang your artwork to add some colour and interest to your boring wall. Ta-dah – weekend project complete!

Painting Geo Circle Pattern

Do you make your own artwork?
What colours would you make yours? 

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