Knitted Blanket

Knitted Blanket

Something happens inside of you when you are pregnant. Besides the obvious! There is a little crafty bone hiding inside all mummies-to-be. It doesn’t mean we are good at it but there is an urge to want to make something for our coming bundles of joy. I was pregnant during winter so I wanted to make something warm and fuzzy so I decided to knit a blanket. This meant I had to try and remember way back to my childhood and figure out how to knit again. It was like riding a bike and it didn’t take long to pick it up again. I always had a problem with making my stitches too tight and I still do so I had to try and remain focused on keeping it loose.

It was quite calming being able to pick up my basket of wool and sit quietly and knit. As my blanket grew I was able to lay it over my expanding tummy and keep warm. And I could feel my little baby kicking away underneath the warm blanket – Mum, you slipped a stitch over here!

Somehow between playing with my never-ending-energy toddler and moving house I finished the blanket before the baby arrived. She didn’t get too much use out of it yet as it didn’t stay cold for very long but it sits in her room waiting for cold days and now that Easter has passed it is starting to cool off again and I am excited to pull it out of the drawer. I just have to prepare myself as I am sure that in a matter of minutes it will be covered in some sort of sticky baby mess.

Blanket Pattern

The pattern was a simple one. Cast on stitches divisible by 6 and then knit 6 rows. Then it was simply knit 6 pearl 6, repeat until desired length is achieved and finish off with 6 rows of knit. Once you finish, wash it in wool wash and stretch it out to shape and let it dry.

Do you like to knit? Have you ever made a blanket?

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