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Side Table

For our second child I didn’t change too much about the concept of a nursery. We kept it simple, light and airy with all white furniture. We found out the sex of our second child while I was pregnant so we were able to decorate the room, wash and hang the gorgeous pink outfits and shortlist just girls names.


Her room is trimmed with a homemade garland of bunting in a soft girly print and her room is peppered with pretty little treasures.


A rabbit night-light is a recent addition that I adore. And I love the vintage alphabet cards I printed, which are changed over on a regular basis. I also printed a large poster of some dandelions and the quote ‘Once upon a time …’.

Owl Rug

An owl rug, along with some hanging owls, was bought in Thailand and reminds me of the time I spent there growing this baby during my pregnancy.


We love wooden toys like this pull along ladybug.

Crochet OwlCrochet Turtle

And there are a few handmade crochet toys in there too, which you can read more about in my earlier post. Don’t get me wrong we also have the plastic fantastic bright coloured toys from the shops just like everyone else but these are usually in the playroom, so these are just some of my favourite things.

Knitted Blanket

In my nesting stage of pregnancy it was wintery cold so I knitted a lovely thick purple blanket for her to snuggle up in.

I never intended on an owl theme though there do seem to be quite a few in there now that I look at this. Really her room is just a collection of beautiful and meaningful items.

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Did you find out the sex of your baby and how did you decorate your nursery?

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