North Pole Wanderlust

Can you actually travel to the North Pole?


Funny how it is December and I am thinking about the North Pole for some reason. Could it be the underground oil reserves … or the magic of Santa?! Santa lives here, or actually more precisely he lives in Rovaniemi in Finland, for its isolation so why would anyone want to travel there? Especially since there is no land to speak of, just a floating Arctic ice sheet. Read on to find out why on earth I have North Pole Wanderlust this week.

North Pole Wanderlust

If you head to the Arctic Circle you can see polar bears in the wild, orca, humpback and beluga whales, you might spot the white arctic fox, puffins (those flying penguin-like birds!) and reindeer! And while you won’t see Santa, you just might spot a unicorn!


The narwhal is a small whale with a 6-10 foot long tusk, nicknamed the unicorn of the sea and once believed to have magical powers to cure diseases. Queen Elizabeth the first believed it so why can’t I?

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Most people travel by air and hike some of the journey over the ice itself, others visit the North Pole on a cruise but they call these expeditions or adventures because it sounds far more exotic and exciting and they are in fact on special ice-breakers not your regular P&O ship. And I hate to break it to you but these North Pole Expeditions cost a fortune, so start saving if this is on your wanderlust list. Think in the vicinity of $30,000 per person for a 2 week voyage! As far as I can tell there are only 2 companies that can take you to the North Pole and numbers each year are very limited. But just imagine standing in the only spot on Earth where every direction is South.

Would you travel to the North Pole?

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