Pot Sticker Dumplings

My Pot Sticker Dumplings

Pot Stickers are not really dumplings because you both pan fry and steam them until they stick to the pot, hence the name. But for ease of reference I call these ‘Pot Sticker Dumplings’. The trick is to make sure you remove them from cooking at exactly the right time – to wait long enough that they have the crispy bottom but before they are truly stuck.

You can make your own potsticker dough but not many people have the time for that so I simply buy a packet of round gyoza wrappers or gow gee pastry. You will find this in the cold section of your supermarket next to the fresh pasta. Or you could check out your local Asian grocer and see what they have too.

You can easily do the time consuming assembly prior to cooking them and store in the fridge until ready to cook (a few hours) otherwise you can also freeze them which we often do if we have made too many. To do this, place them on a baking tray to freeze, once frozen you can then put them all in a freezer bag together without the fear of them sticking together. The great thing about this is that when you are ready to use them, you don’t have to thaw them, just cook for a little bit longer.

This recipe is really flexible and you can use whatever you have on hand. For each packet of wrappers, you will need roughly 1 cup of meat (pork, beef, chicken, prawns) and 1 cup of veggies plus whatever flavourings you like. It is sort of like making meatballs, you just mix together what you have on hand. This is what we did this time.


1 packet Gow Gee Pastry Wrappers
1 cup Minced Chicken
¾ cup Kale & Silverbeet, shredded (we often use cabbage but this was growing in our garden)
¼ cup Mushrooms, finely chopped
1 Green Spring Onion, finely chopped
2 slices of ginger, finely chopped or grated
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 teaspoon rice vinegar
1 egg
5 tablespoons of vegetable oil
2.5 cups chicken stock broth


Pot Sticker Dumplings

1. In a medium bowl, combine your meat, veggies and flavours.

2. Wet the edges of the wrapper by running a wet finger tip around the outside, place a small spoon full of your mixture in the centre and fold the wrapper in half to make a semi-circle. Pinch the sides together to seal the filling in the middle. You can get fancy and crimp the edges with pretty folds if you like. Only wet one (or a few once you are a ninja at it) at a time or they will go soggy.

3. Cook your pot stickers in small batches. We do about 7 each time. To cook, heat 1 tablespoon of oil in a frying pan, add your pot stickers and cook until the bottom of them are golden brown (about 2 minutes). Add half a cup of broth to the pan, cover with a lid and let them cook in the steam for about 5 minutes. They will absorb the broth so you will be able to start the process again with your next batch. Repeat until all cooked.

5. Serve with some dipping sauces. We like to combine soy sauce (2 tablespoons) and chilli sauce (1 tablespoon). Sweet chilli sauce is great too.

Making Pot Sticker Dumplings at home is much easier than most people realise and they are always a hit with the kids, and big kids alike.

Have you ever eaten Pot Stickers? What flavour combination would you love? 

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