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My top five tips on how to read more books

How to read more books

I haven’t been reading much lately. Well, I do read a lot with my kids, I read a lot of blogs, online …

Books I've Been Reading at Night

Books I’ve been Reading

Geez, I never really stopped to think about how much I read, it’s a lot! Recently, it has been about 2 books …

read books

Why I Read Books

Image: Isaac Salazar I’ve seen a fair few debates about the best way to read – real paper books versus digital. In …

Wanderlust Italy Feature

Wanderlust Italy

I love Italy and regularly Wanderlust there in my mind. Sometimes it is while I’m cooking, or sitting outside letting the sunshine …


Apples Under My Bed

This is Heidi. When she was 7 she used to stay up late at night reading stories and eating apples and then …