Wanderlust Italy

Wanderlust Italy

I love Italy and regularly Wanderlust there in my mind. Sometimes it is while I’m cooking, or sitting outside letting the sunshine lazily soak through my eyelids, and sometimes it is while I am knee deep in washing, snotty tissues and feel utterly overwhelmed with housework. Italy is my place I escape to.

I love to read books that are set in Italy. There are a handful of popular ones like Under the Tuscan Sun, Eat Love Pray, A moveable Feast (& more from the amazing Ernest Hemingway), Romeo & Juliet (& several other works from Shakespeare), A year in Provence, Vanilla Beans & Brodo, as well as most of Dan Brown’s books and of course travel guide books and cookbooks. I can pick up any of these and imagine I am back in Italy ordering hot sweet Espresso’s at the bar, collecting flowers from the markets and wandering the cobblestone streets in search of new hidden corners of delight.

I know a little bit of Italian, though I wish I was fluent so I like to brush up on it every so often (just in case I return one day and need to ask the Nonna on the corner which way to the best restaurant). Sometimes I will wonder how to say a certain word and will quickly look it up and try to memorise it. Other times I have the time to sit down and learn a whole new section, though this isn’t as often as I would like.

I have days where I pull out my photos from previous travels and reminisce about where I went, what I did, what I ate. This is aided by my travel journals where I am instantly taken back to a moment in time where I can savour every last detail in my memory.

Then there are days like today where I trawl the Internet for inspiration of where I would love to return to and where I haven’t been in Italy and I add it to my Wanderlust Italy Wishlist. I even go as far as looking at accommodation options and how much airfares are at the moment. We can dream right?! And considering my ‘Big News‘ I announced earlier this week, it is staying as a Wanderlust Italy dream at the moment.

So, have you got any drool worthy Italy memories or maybe a great book set in Italy that you can recommend to me?

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