I have self diagnosed myself. I know that you shouldn’t do this and that you should leave it to the professionals but I am certain that I am suffering from wanderlust. Yes, that’s right, I have a chronic case of wanderlust. If you aren’t familiar with it, wanderlust is defined as a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. It is a serious condition and can be financially debilitating and cause you to waste hours of your time surfing the web. Apparently, this condition has been linked to bipolar disorder (Thanks Wiki – Otto Fenichel, The Psychoanalytic Theory of Neurosis (1946) p. 369 ) as well as people with the desire to escape and leave behind depressive feelings of guilt. No, and no. I simply have the urge to experience new things – scenery, culture, food I want to see it all. Sound familiar? Maybe you are suffering from it too?!

Now, I have done a little bit of travel and it has been amazing, but unfortunately I think that rather than curing my wanderlust it has spurred it on to greater intensity. The problem with this is that regular life is getting in the way of my required medication, more travel. So I have had to come up with alternative therapies. Now, I know not everyone is in to alternative therapies but I have found it to be a commendable substitute for the time being. What is it, I hear you begging, here it is … armchair travel. Each week I pick a different destination and I read all about it. Sometimes I have been lucky enough to have been there before which means I can pull out my travel journal and photos and stroll down memory lane. Other places I jump onto the internet or find a book or a movie and submerse myself in the place. I dream about what I would love to do if I was there. If I am having a particularly chronic attack I may also find out how much it would cost me to go. Yes, I am guilty of searching for flights and looking at accommodation with no immediate plans of booking anything. This may all seem counter-intuitive but it honestly works. Armchair travel can make you happy and helps to fuel your passion to travel.

Wanderlust Tolkien

More than this, I thought that for any difficult situation that we are in it is always better to approach it with others. I thought that group therapy might help us all. So every Wednesday I am going to chat about where I am wanderlust-ing and I invite you to share your experiences on the destination and to tell us where you are dreaming of travelling to. We can be in this together. Come #wednesdaywanderlust with me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Are you a self-diagnosed wanderlust-er?

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