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Ignite your passionOne of my biggest passions in life is to travel. I love the adventure, experiencing new things, learning about other cultures, eating amazing foods and seeing amazing things. I enjoy doing this in my own ‘backyard’, finding those amazing experiences close to home but more than this I love to be in another country and immerse myself completely in a different culture to my own.

This isn’t a unique passion; there are many people across the world that share the same desire to go about the world traveling. Not everyone does it though and the reasons are varied. Some people prefer the comfort of their own home and travel vicariously through others, commonly referred to as armchair travel. Some people feel limited by finances, work commitments, family, fear. Others just seem to come up with a constant stream of excuses and to me this means you lack passion. If you really wanted it you would do it. That doesn’t mean it is easy but it means that you will eventually find a way to satiate your travel passion.

Perhaps the need to get a passport and travel is different for Australians. Americans have a quarter of the world at their fingertips, and Europeans have a lifetime of travel all within their EU borders just a hop, skip and a jump away from their own doorsteps. Australians have to jump on a plane and travel a significant distance across deep oceans to get to another country. The lure to leave our shores is great but as the song goes ‘I still call Australia home’ and we all come back eventually because Australia is awesome.

Here, I want to share my tips for how to stop putting off your passion to travel and just do it.

Turn off the TV

How often do you sit down and watch TV even when there is ‘nothing on’. Turn it off, do something constructive. Do something you have been putting off, read a book, research a trip. There is nothing as motivating as researching a trip you would love to do.

Start saving

Probably the most common reason for not traveling is because it is too expensive. Perhaps you need to re-look at how you travel, but more often than not you need to simply start saving. This is a big area to cover and I will discuss it more in a future post on how to save for travel.


Look around your house and really think about if you need all that stuff. If it broke or was stolen would you replace it, do you regularly use it? Sell it! Put it on eBay, Gumtree, have a garage sale, just sell it. Not only is this a good way to make money, but if you clear your living space you clear your mind and free yourself to think and grow. And incidentally, look at all those spots to put your travel collections.

Stop the “what if’s”

What if I get sick, what if lose my passport, what if I hate it … But what if I have an amazing experience … what if you missed that! It’s ok to be a little scared. It will be ok. Just stop waiting for the perfect moment to go because it will never come. Take a leap of faith, an educated guess, and go for it.

Get Inspired

Choose what works for you, whether it is watching documentaries and travel shows; reading blogs and books, both travel fiction and non-fiction; talk to people who are like-minded; learn a language; browse the Internet. Do a little armchair travel until you find somewhere that you simply cannot resist.

Have a reminder

Make a pin-board, stick a picture on the fridge, have a prominent moneybox, change your screensaver, change your password to something travel related (this works well for bank accounts as it makes you rethink every dollar you spend). Whatever you choose to do, make a visual reminder to keep you motivated towards your travel goal.


There are a lot of excuses for not travelling and I cover some of the most common ones in my post Travel Excuses – Can’t or Won’t. Really it comes down to passion. How passionate are you about travel?

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