Take a Break

Take a break

After a few weeks of struggling to keep up with everything that is involved in blogging, (let me tell you there is a lot more than meets the eye!), I have made the decision to take a blogging break.

It was a hard decision to take a break and I was putting this off for many reasons but after quietly letting this week slide out of control and slip away from me I realised that it is something I just have to do. I am going to spend the time with my family, in our new home and will work on a few things behind the scenes before I come back online.

This is just a quick, I’m gone but I will be back soon message. I hope that you will all still be here when I return in a couple of weeks and that any new readers will stick around, sign up for my newsletter and await my glorious return.

I am going to take a break but I will still be popping in to social media to try and keep up with everything and to say hello so please keep me in mind and say hi back.

See you soon-ish!

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