Magic Glowing Oceans

Everyone wants to believe in magic or at the very least see something magical. I think that the Aurora Borealis, which I wrote about visiting in a previous Wanderlust post, is magic in the sky. But I’d also love to see magic in the water. Now, I know these things are not magic, but it is nice to think it is. I’d love to see bioluminescent phytoplankton (dinoflagellates) – the most romantic natural lighting in the world. So I tracked down some places around the world that you can travel to see this natural phenomenon, let’s call it magic. I want to be standing in the dark of night watching the ocean mirror the starry night sky as millions of these dinoflagellates illuminate the water.


These are tricky to track down but can be found wherever salt water is deep, sheltered, and rich with nutrients. Narrow-mouthed bays which open up into calm seas are ideal. However, only a few places in the world are blessed with these perfect conditions.


Wanderlust Magic Glowing Oceans

Here are 4 of places in the world that you are likely to see this:

  • Vaadhoo Island, Maldives
  • Mosquito Bay, Puerto Rico
  • Halong Bay, Vietnam
  • San Juan Island, Washington, U.S.

Doug Perrine, Alamy Vaadhoo Island Maldives


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Have you ever seen magic glowing oceans in person?

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