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Washi Tape Ideas 300

I dedicate this post to all those who don’t know what Washi Tape is and what on earth to do with it and for those who already have an addiction and for those who have a roll or two sitting forgotten in the bottom of the drawer.

For the un-initiated, Washi Tape is an adhesive masking paper tape with colourful and artistic patterns printed on it. It isn’t as sticky as regular tape but it is strong and thin. It is relatively new, being developed in 2006 in response to Japanese artists demand for it.

There is so much fun to be had with this stuff. It is a nice cheap way to add a pop of colour, personalise things and get crafty (even if you aren’t the crafty type of person – it is hard to stuff this up!).

I have gathered a heap of ideas from all across the Internet to try and show you all the fabulous things you can do with it. I hope that this inspires you.

Washi Tape for Home Wares

Washi Tape Ideas Vases Washi Tape Ideas Coasters Washi Tape Ideas Mason Jar Washi Tape Ideas Photo Frame

Washi Tape Ideas Letter Washi Tape Ideas Tin Can

Take a plain household item and add Washi for an instant makeover– create a cohesive theme with your vases; personalise your coasters and add that pop of colour your dining table needs; mason jars are all the rage at the moment but you can give yours a personal touch; cover boring old photo frames which are especially great for kids rooms; cover large craft letters; up-cycle your tin cans and use for some basic storage; kitchen storage jars can be beautified.

Washi Tape Party

Washi Tape Ideas Cake Bunting Washi Tape Ideas Party Straws Washi Tape Ideas Party

washi tape ideas party spoons

washi tape ideas party glass marker

Washi Tape Ideas Tealights

You can easily theme your parties with Washi, you can add it to bottles and cups, invitations and decorations, make cocktail picks, put flags on straws, make mini cake topper bunting, theme your bamboo spoons and forks, make grown up glass markers, and even match your tealights which make beautiful little gifts as well.

Washi Tape Scrapbooking

Washi Tape Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a whole other realm that I am not going to get too involved in because I tried it once and the book still sits unfinished in the top of the cupboard. It is something I intend to make time for but just haven’t. Anyway, Washi works well for scrapbooking.

Washi Tape Around Your Home

Washi Tape Car Track Ideas Washi Tape Ideas Home Floor

Washi Tape Ideas Fan Washi Tape Ideas Lightswitch Washi Tape Ideas Tabletop


Washi Tape Ideas Walls

Washi Tape Ideas Doors

I love that you can use it on just about anything – you can do great things in kids play areas like car tracks and dolls houses and pretty forests; if you have concrete or floorboards you can create ‘rugs’ on the floors; fans can become swirling rainbows; light switches can be covered in delightful patterns for an unexpected hit of colour; tabletops especially for workstations and desks can be a spot of fun; walls become canvases; and even doors can have a little sneaky pizzazz.

Washi Tape Electronics

Washi Tape Ideas Electronics on Pad Washi Tape Ideas Fix Phone Washi Tape Ideas Electronics Keyboard Washi Tape Ideas Electronics Leads

Washi Tape Ideas Electronic Cords

Make your tablet, pad or phone a little unique and add a strip of colour to it somewhere, you can easily update this as you get sick of the pattern or it starts to show wear and tear; you can fix (or at least hide) your cracked phone cover by covering it in Washi; give your keyboard a makeover with colour co-ordinated or random patterns; keep track of which lead is which and who owns what with matching chargers and leads; label cords so you can quickly and easily tell what they are for.

Washi Tape Stationery

Washi Tape Ideas Pegs Washi Tape Ideas pencils Washi Tape Ideas Envelopes Washi Tape Ideas Notebooks Washi Tape Ideas Paperclip Bookmarks

Washi Tape Ideas Bulldog Clips

I like to cover little mini pegs for hanging notes, the kids artwork and important letters; It would be fun to use Washi on pencils and pens too (and there would be no more mystery as to who stole your pen!); envelopes no longer have to be the most boring part of the mail or the birthday card; find some cheap little notebooks or make your own from recycled cardboard and cover it with Washi; Paperclip bookmarks are really easy and handy for tagging recipe books, magazines and reading books; Bulldog clips are really handy but are pretty boring otherwise, so why not jazz these up a little while you are at it.

Washi Tape Gift Wrapping

Washi Tape Ideas Gift Cards Washi Tape Ideas Gift Wrap Washi Tape Ideas Birds CardYou can easily make beautiful gift wrap and cards using plain paper that is not only pretty but it is also thrifty and more thoughtful. Let your imagination go wild and get creative with this and make something that they can keep and display.

Washi Tape for Organising

Washi Tape Ideas Food Clips Washi Tape Ideas Keys Washi Tape Ideas Magnets Washi Tape Ideas Calendar Organising Washi Tape Ideas Corkboard Organising

Get your home organised but make it interesting by adding some unexpected colour and design. Add strips of Washi to your indispensable food clips (doesn’t everyone have these?!); Colour code your keys to make it quick and easy to tell which goes where; Cover cheap magnet strips to make for a funky fridge; Assign a different design for each person or category on your calender; update your boring cork board with a pattern of your choice.

Washi Tape for Personal Use

Washi Tape Ideas Personal Nails Washi Tape Ideas Bandaid Washi Tape Ideas Jewellery

Washi Tape Jewellery Ideas Washi Tape Ideas Makeup Brush

You can even take Washi into the realm of personal beauty by using it on your nails, covering bandaids, making jewellery and customising your makeup brushes.


Rainbow Washi Tape Set2 Washi Tapes2

Now that you are all inspired with these wonderfully creative ideas, do you need to start or add to your Washi Tape collection? You do, great, I have a few designs for sale in My Shop!!! Have you been bitten by the Washi bug? Share your ideas with us.

All of these ideas, and more, are pinned on my Pinterest board if you would like to click through to any of them please follow me. I am always on the look out for new ideas and will be adding to my board all of the time.

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