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Imagine a week of lazing around in your pyjamas all day doing nothing. Sound like bliss? It’s not!!! I have been flat on my back sick all week and it has not been fun! I haven’t been able to do much of anything at all but I am finally in an upright position and thanks to my mum’s chicken noodle soup I am eating again and trying to tackle everything that has fallen behind over the week.

While I was sick I sucked on lemonade icy poles, chewed on Minties and cringed as I drank Hydralyte concoctions, seriously who decided that a sick person wants to drink a slightly fizzy sweet salty raspberry blurgh drink?! I slowly progressed to Vegemite toast and worked my way up to chicken soup. What’s your go to when you’re sick?

Needless to say I haven’t achieved much writing and so I am going to share with you instead some of my most popular posts of all time (based on clicks not comments).

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Ribbon belted waist


Tutu Dress Tutorial

My post Tutu Dress Tutorial has gone viral on Pinterest and it seems everyone loves this simple to make tutu dress. I have included lots of photos and even more tutu cuteness with simple skirt tutu’s as well. These really are simple to make and just look adorable on little girls.



chicken ball dinner


Chicken Ball Recipe

This simple chicken ball recipe is a hit as it is healthy and quick to make. They are packed full of veggies and you simply roast them in the oven. Great for fussy kids, for parties and work perfectly in lunch boxes too.



Rainbow Layered Cake


Rainbow Birthday Party

My Rainbow Birthday Party post has lots of ideas in it and all of these are very popular, including the rainbow layer cake, the rainbow poms-poms, rainbow jelly cups, DIY felt crowns, DIY Paper Pinwheels and so much more. Check it out for lots of great party ideas and food.


how to fly happily into the sunset with your kids


Flying with Kids

This post, Flying with Kids, is all about how to happily fly into the sunset with kids and gives lots of tips and advice on how to make it easier.



Washi Tape Ideas 300



Washi Tape Ideas

This post is fairly new but has been received really well with lots of people enjoying my ultimate guide to washi tape ideas and all of the fabulous things you can do with it. After you get all inspired, don’t forget to check out the Washi Tape I have in My Shop.



Spiced Apple Cake



Spiced Apple Cake

This winter warmer of a cake is much loved, or maybe it is the chocolate cream cheese icing that did it! Make yourself this Spiced Apple Cake pronto.



How to live a life with No Regrets


How to Live with No Regrets

I was pleasantly surprised when this post took off and lots of people were interested in this topic of No Regrets. Let me know what you think.





But wait, there’s more …

My Friday Favourites Feature has been warmly received, thank you to all of my wonderful guests! Find out what it is when I introduced it here.

My Wednesday Wanderlust idea has taken off and it is great to have people involved across all different platforms. If you missed what this is all about you can read the first post about it here.

Last, but by absolutely no means least, people gave me a warm reception when I launched My Shop just just 5 weeks ago and I announced it here.

I would love to know what you would all like to see more of on my blog. More travel, craft, recipes or is there something else that you would like to see?

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