Miss 2 Birthday Party

Party Supervision

Before you know we have hit 2 years old and I have to come to terms with the fact that I can no longer call her my baby. While she has probably been past that stage for a while now, it seems that a 2nd birthday makes it official. To celebrate we decided to dedicate the whole day to her, rather than sharing with her big sister who’s birthday is just a couple of weeks later, like we did last year. Of course, this meant that the party was a brunch, her favourite time of day where you can pretty much snack on everything and anything.

Oh the wonders of being 2. Glitter, bubbles and sweets = the happiest little 2 year old in the world. Here is what we did for her special birthday.

Party Pancakes

We laid out platters of all of her favourite foods and made a few batches of homemade sourdough pancakes, including one batch of egg free chia pancakes. These sat piled high next to various bowls of toppings for people to choose from including strawberries, bananas, chocolate spread, cream, sprinkles, jam, lemon, honey, coconut, flaked almonds, you name it we had it out. Everyone had so much fun decorating their own plate of pancakes and the little miss was very pleased.

We kept the party decorations really simple with plenty of streamers and balloons and a bright table cover with a couple of quickly sewn bright material runners. She was showered in gifts with a great mix of books, clothes and toys ranging from trucks to fairies. I love that she enjoys playing with all toys, not just the gender stereotyped categories.

Party Tutu Dress

I made Little Miss 2 her very own tutu dress. I intend this one to be just for dress ups so for ease of her getting it on and off alone, I didn’t use a ribbon strap. If it was for a special occasion I would add it on just to help keep it up and maintain some sense of modesty for the little no-longer-a-baby lady. She loved running around and being a princess all day.

Getting readyIt was so lovely to watch her anticipation build, as this year she knew what was happening and that it was all about her. We spent some time the day before painting our nails and she was even allowed a spritz of the coveted big sisters glitter hairspray now that she is a big girl. Moments before the guests arrived she stripped all of her clothes off and at the last second I was able to convince her to pull on her tutu dress over her nappy which she then accessorised (of course) with the ‘bling’ her sister had bought for her.

2nd Birthday Cake

Last but certainly by no means least, what is a birthday party without cake. For all appearances this looks like a standard double layer cake decorated with the birthday girls favourite treats, but inside … coloured polka dots!!! Move over rainbow layer cake, you are so last year, here is the new craze, polka dot surprise cake! (lucky you I have shared how to make this awesome cake yourself)

Polka Dot Surprise Cake 2

A good day was had by all and promptly proceeding turning two she has decided to invoke full rights to owning the ‘terrible twos’ label and is also toying with the idea of dropping her daytime nap. All much to mummy’s upset. I am considering banning all future parties if this is the thanks I get. Nah – just kidding, I love these parties!

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