My Wedding Day

My Wedding Day

I have just celebrated my 7th wedding anniversary and thought that maybe some people out there, especially those in the land of Pinterest, may like to see some of the things that we did to celebrate our special day. I’m obviously a pretty hands on sort of person so I was happy to DIY most things for my wedding and I enjoyed it. There is one day you can unashamedly go all sweet, gooey and corny and people will happily grin and bear it, most even enjoy it.

Our Wedding PrepIt all started when we did our own save the date postcards with our hands making a heart and all of the details on the back with a heart shaped magnet so people could stick it up on their fridge. Then came the endless flipping through magazines, trawling the internet (pre-pinterest days – gasp!!!!) and daydreaming up ideas.

I decided to avoid the drama that bridesmaids so often seem to bring and instead asked my nearest and dearest 3 big brothers to stand with me. No one knew about this (besides immediate family) until they strolled down the aisle before me and there were probably just as many tears for that moment as my own appearance. They were the best people to have stand by my side and it was the best decision. Besides that, the photos looked awesome.

An Outdoor Wedding

Our wedding venue was a little out of the way and to reassure guests that they were heading in the right direction we put a big ‘Love is this way’ sign on a roadside tree. This “Love is …” became a theme for our special day.

We had an outdoor wedding and we used bamboo flares and rose petals to mark the (very long) aisle to our special spot underneath giant oak trees by a babbling brook. We tied big sashes of golden organza around the trees and hung large golden glass baubles above us which glinted and shone in the sunlight streaming through the trees.

On a table nearby I had several treats set up for the guests, all labelled with the following:

  • Love is a Warm Breeze, Please cool down with these fans A basket of fans for the ladies which I had tied ribbon on to slip over the wrist.
  • Love is in the air, Please fill the air with bubbles and petals Lots of bottles of bubbles to blow & mixed rose petals in vellum paper cones
  • Love is Refreshing, Please help yourself to a glass There was the obligatory champagne and water available

My Wedding Ideas





The ceremony was (of course) beautiful and filled with love. We stood under an archway laden with flowers with butterflies circling us. My dress was a champagne colour with a sage green ribbon around the waist. The men were all in chocolate brown suits. So our colour theme was chocolate brown, pale antique pink and touches of green.

Across the lawns and up to the reception venue and I continued my ‘love is’ theme:

  • Love is Present – A special place for your gifts and cards We set aside space for the gifts and also had a cute white birdcage for people who just had a card or wanted to do the ‘wishing well’ style money gift.
  • Love is Sharing, Please send us a copy of your happy snaps A pile of discs for people to burn their photos to which had a sticker with our name and address on it (as Mr & Mrs of course). This was pre-app days so this idea may be waaaay out of date now. But it was nice to have some of our first Mr&Mrs mail be photos from our wedding day.
  • Love is A Light Each guest was given a couple of sparklers and a box of matches that had been wrapped in the themed wedding paper for them to take home. The guests lit the sparklers in farewell when we left. It was a lovely happy way to go home.
  • Love is Fresh In each bathroom I placed a box that I had filled with all of the necessary emergency goods guests might need and not be able to fit in their pretty purse or suit pocket – tissues, panadol, needle and thread, deoderant, bandaids, stain remover, bobby pins, breath mints, you get the gist.
  • Love is memorable, Please write a message, memory or best wishes This was beside a vase filled with willow branches entwined with fairy lights where guests were asked to write some good wishes on a card and hang it on our tree. We then made an album and matched each card to their photo as a keepsake.
  • Love is Sweet, Please enjoy a lolly, or two There were a couple of bowls of lollies sitting on the bar for people to help themselves to, because who doesn’t love something sweet.

In the same style I also made a 3-sided standing info-card which had the list of available drinks, the menu and the order of proceedings for the night.

My Wedding Cake

We didn’t have a traditional wedding cake but instead had individual cupcakes in a trio of flavours each wrapped up in a fluffy tuft of pale pink tissue paper. Our cake ‘topper’ was a couple of hippos with a veil and bow tie as a nod to our honeymoon that we were about to escape on – six weeks in Africa! Despite looking like chocolate, these survived with only one set of teeth marks on a bottom, and I still have them today as a reminder of that happy day.

My WeddingFor our ‘bridesmaids’ I made up gift baskets which we filled with a bowl full of chocolates, their favourite bottle of spirits and a few other small bits and pieces as well as a double frame where I put one picture of myself and them as children and a note to them on the other side about all of the good times we have had and explaining that I would give them a picture from our wedding day to put in there.

So that is a small glimpse into my wedding day, 7 years ago. I remember it with all the fondness in the world and I love to pull out my box of memories from this day and have really enjoyed looking back through all the photos and pointing out to my little girls how mummy and daddy were dressed up like a Prince and Princess. I hope that their wedding day is everything that they dream it to be and more.








What was your wedding day like? Do you still love the colour scheme you had?

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