Just Breathe – 2014 Highlights

just breathe 2014 highlights

In light of Christmas, the festivities that are upon us, the recent dreadful events that everyone has been watching on the news, and the end of another year, there are people in crises across the world, not just here in Australia, and it is time that we all take a step back from the stress and chaos.

Step away from the hot kitchen where you are frantically baking and basting for your nearest and dearest.

Stop driving from event to event, battling the crowds and traffic.

Step outside away from the noisy kids and house full of guests.

Turn off the TV news, turn away from the endless stream of negativity blaring at you.

You are sitting down reading this post right now, so you are taking time for yourself. Go you! Take it a step further, stop Googling for recipes, stop thinking about how to wrap that awkward present, stop thinking about if you have enough food to feed everyone.

Take a breath, stop stressing and be thankful for what you have, remember to be kind to one another. Be kind to yourself. It is the season of giving, but don’t give too much of yourself to others – look after yourself so you can continue to look after others.

This post, makes number 132 for the year, with 4 more scheduled before the end of the year. Needless to say I have had a busy year, as everyone has. In case you are new here, or missed something or just want to read them again, grab a drink, a nice little snack and take a breath – here are some of the highlights from this year on the blog.

2014 Highlights


I shared my very spicy Laksa at Home and shared with the thousands that still view it, my take on the new Paddock Bakery on the Gold Coast.


My focus seemed to be on healthy food with apple cinnamon popcorn, and homemade fruit leather high on my agenda while I tackled project declutter.


This was my month of Happiness with a few related posts but 10 simple things to make you happy seemed to be the highlight for everyone.


Everyone loved my homemade Coloured Pasta packed with veggies and my Tuna Mornay but that’s probably due to the crunchy cheesy bacon and chips topping, or maybe it was the pea and almond pesto.


This was a month of new beginnings and I launched my new feature My Friday Favourites and so far I have had 27 wonderful guests share their top 5 favourite things with me (you can see them all here), I started my Wednesday Wanderlust feature as well, which has now turned into a fabulous weekly link party (you can read all of these posts here). And I launched My Shop which has taken a back seat at the moment but I hope to figure out it’s future in the coming months.


I decided it was time to launch a Weekly Newsletter which you can sign up for in the right sidebar. My ultimate list of Washi Tape Ideas was hugely popular, as was my Spiced Apple Cake and a post on How to Live with No Regrets.


I reminisced on the time I went Rafting the Zambezi. I joined other bloggers and shared in the blog hop about Why I Write, going on to nominate three others to join in. I made a super easy
Butterfly Cake and shared what we did for Miss 2’s Birthday Party which involved a hidden polka dot cake and a pancake buffet.


I rocked the world (or maybe just mine) with My Big News, was nominated for a Liebster Award and then there was The Frozen Party that Pinterest seems to just love.


Life caught up with me in September and I had to Take a Break but you were all very supportive and understanding.


It seems a break was exactly what I needed because when I returned, October was a big month. After Overcoming Overwhelmed I joined Instagram and fell in love! I realised that I was really in to Sustainable Living and built our own backyard Veggie Patch. I celebrated my Wedding Anniversary and reflected on My Wedding Day and everything we did to make it special. This Coconut Prawns recipe took off and was a hit with everyone.


Everyone loves an adventure story and My Botswana adventure of sleeping in a tent in the middle of the African wild proved this. I followed on from my sustainable living and shocked everyone with some facts about food wastage and how we can limit it with my post on Food Glorious Food. I showed you how simply Decorating with Paper & Twine can be an inexpensive way to give kids rooms a makeover. And I shouted my love from the rooftops about Why I Read Books.


This month I held my very first link party ever, my Christmas Link Party has been hugely popular and successful and is staying open til Christmas Day if you would like to join in. I also decided to turn my weekly travel Wanderlust post into a link party. With the 2nd week of it going well I’m going to keep it going over the holidays because what better time is there to read about travel and wanderlust for all the places in the world we want to go. I also declared my love for IKEA Hacks and showed a couple of my recent projects which were popular.


As I said, and as you can see from my 2014 Highlights, I’ve had a big year, but do you know what, I think next year is going to be even bigger so I’m stopping to just breathe, but I’m not going anywhere!

Share with me, what do you do when things get a bit stressful at this time of the year? 

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