The Best of EAT

Best of EAT

I started off writing my foodie posts on a Tuesday but recently switched these to a Thursday – pointless fact but there you have it. EAT is where I share my love of food. It is a mix of reviews, cafes, recipes and really anything to do with food and eating. For the end of the year, as everyone is enjoying the most festive food of the year, I thought I would share the best of EAT from 2014.

Best of EAT 1


My most viewed EAT post this year was my Chicken Ball Recipe, though it wasn’t written this year it is still hugely popular.

My most viewed EAT post that was actually written this year was Paddock Bakery – clearly a popular spot on the Gold Coast. This was followed by my Frozen Party (though it also included all the other party elements, not just food), my Butterfly Cake and Coconut Prawns.

My most commented on EAT posts were once again the Frozen Party, Coconut Prawns, and Butterfly Cake as well as Royals & Turkish Delight and a delicious Spiced Apple Cake.

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Each week I have fun linking up with @createbakemake and @bakeplaysmile for Fabulous Foodie Fridays and have been lucky enough to have 6 of my posts favourited, including those Coconut Prawns again, Avocado Chocolate, Apple Walnut Cake, Laksa, Lemon Meringue Cupcakes, and my Spiced Apple Cake.

This is just a small selection of my EAT posts, (I have almost 80 now!) and I have plenty more that I want to share with everyone next year.

Did you have a favourite EAT post this year?
Is there maybe something you might like to see in this category next year?

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