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My Shop

I am so excited to announce that My Shop is now officially open for business. I love it and I hope that you do too. It is something that I have been working on behind the scenes for a little while now. Snatching moments out of my hectic schedule to develop the idea a little more, source products, test things out. And now I can finally fling open the doors (metaphorically speaking) and invite you all in to have a look around.

What am I selling?

I am selling small brown paper packages tied up with string. Yes, every order will be lovingly gift wrapped like this, because to be honest, who doesn’t love to open presents and what would you think of me if I didn’t do this!

I decided that I would sell some of my favourite things. This starts with my very own designs made into notepads. Why notepads? Because I make lists for everything and believe that it can contribute to your happiness by giving you a means to express yourself, download the clutter out of your head, keep you organised and just to be pretty. I will be expanding my shop with more of my own designs and have a million and one exciting ideas beyond notepads. But I had to start somewhere.

I will also be stocking a small selection of other products that I find pretty and useful and are among my favourite things. At the moment I have paper drinking straws, cotton bakers twine, washi tapes, gift tags and the most adorable little chalkboard pegs. I hope to grow this list with more things that I find but if there are any products that you would like to see please let me know.

Why am I doing it?

This has been my project and it has all been a learning curve for me. While I am learning and growing myself, I am happy. I also really enjoy designing things so it is a massive creative outlet for me. My daughter thinks it is incredible that Mummy can have fun and draw on the computer and that people will give me money for it. So do I. I love seeing that what I do can make others happy, as a result sharing my work make me happy because happiness is contagious. So really this is a little selfish project of mine that makes me happy.

I decided to include outsourced products on my site because I struggled to find reasonably priced items that I could use everyday and gift to people that didn’t make me feel guilty for ‘wasting’ money. When I found them I decided to share that with you all so you can enjoy the small things too.

My priority is to be there for my children in every way possible but obviously I would love to be able to make a little money while doing that. I am keeping the prices low on all of my products to make this affordable for everyone, because we all deserve a little bit of nice in our lives. I also encourage you to buy them as gifts, small tokens of appreciation to your friends and family, small ways to make a gift more personal by adding that final small finishing touch. It costs a little, but means a lot.

Where do I see it going?

I would love for this to become enough for me to not have to return to the workplace. Maybe the orders will roll in and before I know it I will be renting a warehouse and office space and employing staff and have my very own courier and be Grand Poobah of an Empire … or maybe it will be enough to keep me busy and maybe, just maybe, I can buy myself a coffee once a month. Who knows, I am now in your hands. The question is, what will you do now?

So, What now?

Buy something and contribute to my happiness, gift something and contribute to others happiness and hey presto, look at that, you are investing in your own happiness! Grab a few things for yourself too – you deserve it after all that giving.

If you cannot afford it right now or nothing takes your fancy at the moment, that’s ok. Bookmark me for later and instead maybe you could share me with your friends and family. I would love it if you did and it builds good Karma.

From time to time I hope to be able to offer specials to you – subscribe to my site to be kept in the loop about new products and special offers.

I also look forward to sharing ideas of what you can do with the things you buy, so watch out for those.

What are you waiting for, check out My Shop and let me know what you think. And please remember that I am learning and if you find any errors or something just doesn’t sit right with you please let me know so I can fix it up.

And if you made it this far, congratulations, your interest in me and my project just scored you a special opening discount 5% off for the next 5 days! Just enter the coupon code myspecial5 when checking out. Thanks again.

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