Christmas Calendar

christmas countdown calendar

Every Christmas the first thing we hang up is the Christmas Calendar to count down the sleeps until Christmas day. Not only is it fun but it helps answer the constant questions of ‘how long until Christmas’?

Christmas Treats

Each year I fill it with something different. This year I have split up a magnet kit. The girls get a couple of new Disney Ariel magnets each day to add to a special tin. Every few days there is a popping candy chocolate Christmas Elf for them to share. The giggles at the popping is worth it. It is nice to see them excited to open a new pocket each day and they enjoy sharing their treats and playing together.

Christmas Countdown

There are also special little notes about an activity to do that day. They are all Christmas activities such as Christmas craft, singing carols, baking treats, reading Christmas books or visiting Santa.

Christmas Craft

This one was pretty simple to make, I just sewed strips of material across a background piece and divided it into pockets. Each pocketed is hand painted with the numbers and some have a little extra decoration. I even made some matching stockings for Santa to fill.

Do you have a countdown calendar for Christmas? What do you put in yours?

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