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I’m Sonia from Life Love and Hiccups and I am stoked that Malinda invited me over here to share my five favourite things with you. That being said it was not an easy task to choose just five things as I pretty much get obsessed about many things and I change my mind multiple times a day. I’m a Gemini, what can I say. Anyway here are five favourite things of mine that remain constant, no matter what day of the week it is.


Favourite Activity

My absolute favourite activity would be jumping on my bike and cruising around the neighborhood. Throughout the warmer months you will often see me peddling my little heart out on the way to the beach, to get some milk from the shops or just riding around with no where really in mind. One of my most fave things to do in summer is to pack up a picnic and the family and peddle our way to the beach for a twilight dinner. Bring on the warmer months – I have a serious craving now.

Favourite Holiday

If you asked me two years ago where my Favourite holiday was I probably would of rattled off, Fiji, Byron or perhaps even Noosa. But after I ran away last year on a mid life crisis to Bali, my heart now belongs to Indonesia. I’m thinking I may need to make the midlife crisis an annual event just so I can head on back to Bali.

Favourite Meal

My favourite meal of the day would have to be breakfast, but not just any kind. Nope my favourite brekkie meal typically consists of a café, a good cup of coffee and a friend to gossip with. Eggs Benedict, grilled mushrooms, salmon and avocado on ciabatta… I’m not fussy. It’s more about the company and the vibe for me.

Wasting Time

Ahhh my favourite way to waste time. Well that doesn’t take much explaining. Picture this, a sunny day, Vodka & Lime on Ice, a pile of magazines and a comfy spot to chill on the back deck. That’s me sorted thank you very much.

Favourite People

No matter what fads I am into, my latest colour choice, decorating style or taste in music one thing never changes and that is my favourite people. It’s this motley crew that consists of my hubby Carl and my three squids Flynn, Sammy and Kai. That there folks is my most favourite thing in the universe – my tribe.

Thanks for sharing your favourite things with us Sonia. Can I come and ‘waste time’ with you? Sounds ideal. Join in with #myfridayfavourites and share your favourite things with us.

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