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This week I have the honour of having Grace share her favourite things with us. Her blog With Some Grace, is about her family life, her experiences as a mum with identical twin boys and her journey to find that equilibrium between motherhood and sanity. Other bloggers out there will probably be familiar with FYBF a popular weekly link up hosted by Grace. When I asked Grace what her top 5 favourite things are, this is what she shared.

Ubud, Bali

with some grace ubud bali

I first travelled to Ubud as a carefree, single gal. Burnt out from the Tokyo corporate life and heart broken from a a nasty break up, I found solace in a little villa in Ubud. Originally planning a 5 day stay, I extended it to 2 weeks!

It was my own little “Eat, Pray, Love” story … without the love affair with a tall, dark handsome Javier Bardem.

Nevertheless, I found a little more of myself on that trip and despite all the personal challenges I had faced up until then, life was going to be okay. No matter what.

14 years later, I returned with my family. It was wonderful to be able to share some of the magical atmosphere I had first experienced all those years ago with my children and husband.


with some grace running

For many years, it was a love/hate relationship but over the past year, I have not only learnt to love running but se it for the mental health benefits.

Last year I ran my first half marathon. It was tough but the sense of achievement and accomplishment was immeasurable.

Now, I have to at least go for a run every second day – doesn’t matter what the distance is – as long as I’m out inn the open and getting those legs moving!

Early Mornings

With Some Grace Early Mornings

Even prior to having children, I loved early mornings. It’s an opportune time to have some solitude and tranquility.

When working in an office, getting in early always guaranteed a productive day. I could get so much done before the phones started ringing and colleagues started bothering me.

It’s still nice to have that alone time when the family are still asleep although the levels of productivity these days is questionable!

The Ocean

With Some Grace The Ocean

I grew up in a landlocked town – no ocean or beaches to speak of and having already cocoa brown skin, sunbathing at a beach and having sand stuck in your swimmers never sounded appealing to me!

Since being married to an avid surfer and living close to one of the most spectacular beaches in Australia, I truly appreciate the unpredictability and the majestic beauty of the ocean.

When my head is filled with too unnecessary thoughts and the body is tense with stress, a quick dip in the ocean fixes everything, even during winter!

The Library

With Some Grace Library

Very blessed to have a spectacular view at this “second office” of mine.

Full of wonderful memories, I first started coming here when i was heavily pregnant with the twins. The garden was also where we going to have our wedding ceremony (until my mother insisted I had a church wedding!)

I always know it’s going to be a good and productive day when I find a nearby car park straight away and my favourite writing spot is free.


Thank you Grace for sharing your favourite things with us. If you haven’t already, please pop on over to her blog With Some Grace and say hello. I love the ocean too and find that just being near it is very calming and rejuvenating though you wouldn’t catch me swimming in it during winter!

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