Onion Bread

Onion Bread

I recently posted a photo of my lunch, as you do, and had a few people interested in how to make your own onion bread. This is a great healthy alternative to regular bread, tastes sensational and suits those on a raw diet.

Onion Bread Ingredients

How to make Onion Bread3 big white onions
1 cup sunflower seeds
1 cup ground flax seeds aka linseeds
1/3 cup olive oil
3.5 tablespoons soy sauce


Blitz your onions into small pieces, but stop before it gets mushy. Blend your sunflower seeds to a fine meal. Blend your flaxseeds, or linseeds as Australian’s usually call them, until crushed. It is important to crush the linseeds so your body can absorb all the goodness from them. I did this the old fashioned way in a mortar and pestle because all my whizz bang machines couldn’t catch the tiny little seeds to break them. This was a really difficult way of doing it and I wish I had just headed to the shops and bought it pre-ground or just a mix of LSA would work too.

Mix your onions, sunflower and linseeds together, adding olive oil and soy sauce stirring until combined.

Spread into thin layers on your dehydrator trays. This took 2 trays in my Excalibur.

Dehydrate at 50 degrees (Celsius) for 1 hour, then turn down to 40 degrees for about 6 hours. As anyone who dehydrates things will know, time will vary depending on how thick you spread your mixture and the weather. If your oven goes down to a low enough temperature (or you prop the door open) you may be able to try this in your oven, though I haven’t done it myself to know if it would be successful.

You can tell when they are ready to flip because you can easily peel the sheet off. Score where you want to cut them and flip over and continue drying for another 4 hours.

Keep an eye on them though, taste test a corner and stop when they are as crispy as you like. If you want to use them as wraps stop a little earlier so they are soft enough to roll. If you want them crispier and more like a cracker just keep going.

delicious homemade onion bread

I like mine for lunch topped with simple salads like this avocado, cheese and sweet chilli tuna. Other times I just grab some and eat it plain. My tip would be to make sure you use white onions, not brown, as they are much sweeter. And to buy linseeds already ground unless you have something that will grind them easily as they are better freshly ground.

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