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Taking Stock Smile

I have read a few ‘Taking Stock’ posts, thanks to Pip from Meet me at Mikes, but I have never actually done one. I thought the end of the year was a good time to reflect on where I am at right now and a bit of fun for the last few days of the year.

Making: A list (of course) of things to do.

Cooking: Caramel ice cream (watch out for this recipe on Thursday!), a pavlova and preparing ingredients for homemade pizza.

Knowing: That there is always tomorrow and that everything I don’t get done today will still be there to do tomorrow.

Taking Stock Drinking

Drinking: My stash of homemade lemongrass, kaffir lime, mint & ginger syrup in sparkling mineral water.

Needing: Inspiration.

Smelling: Freshly cut grass and a bush full of mock orange flowers just outside the window.

Wearing: my swimmers nearly every day.

Following: my heart and hoping it leads me in the right direction.

Noticing: How feelings are contagious and that surrounding myself in happiness is making others happy too.

taking stock reading

Reading: Of the 23 or so books I read this year, I’ve just finished reading in the last couple of weeks The Hundred-foot Journey by Richard C. Morais (this book made me hungry!) and The Ark by Boyd Morrison (a bit like Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code) and right now I am flicking through the new Real Living Magazine & have just started Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. *These are affiliate links 🙂

Wanting: to find the perfect balance of time in my schedule to fit everything in.

Looking: Ahead for the year and filling in my calendar for 2015.

Playing: with my girls building Lego cities.

Deciding: Which of my girls paintings and crafts to keep and which to lovingly dump in the recycling bin.

taking stock summer

Enjoying: Everything about Summer in Australia – the longer days, the hot weather, the fruits, the outdoor living, the endless festivities.

Waiting: For the postman.

Wondering: Where to take my blog in 2015.

Loving: My life and my happy little family.

Pondering: Where in the world I might get to travel to next.

Taking Stock turkish towels

Liking: my new Turkish towels (yes I got 2!) I got for Christmas.

Considering: A third cup of coffee.

Watching: Nothing of interest at the moment but I am waiting on the next season of Orphan Black, Game of Thrones and Suits.

Hoping: for a year full of happiness and adventures.

Marvelling: At other people’s creativity and cleverness, so many awesome ideas floating about out there in the www.

Thinking: About the future and what it might hold for me.

Taking Stock Chicken Eggs

Getting: 3 eggs a day from my chooks.

Feeling: Content.

Admiring: My daughters – one is toilet trained now and she surprisingly decided to be dry at night straight away too, the other has grown up way too fast and is all ready for her first year at school.

Sorting: The massive pile of craft that has accumulated in my house.

Buying: As much as I wanted to avoid the end of year sales I’m going to be buying new undies and a frying pan when I can bring myself to battle the craziness.

Follow MyBrownPaperPackages’s board Photography Tips on Pinterest.

Bookmarking: I’m actually pinning more than bookmarking now, but I am keen on improving my photography skills this year so have been saving plenty of tips to read in my spare time.

Disliking: that our new coffee machine is a lemon and back in the workshop.

Opening: more Christmas presents – still! We spread our celebrations out and have 3 days of festiveness with all different family members.

Giggling: At my daughters contagious giggles and how they have a love hate relationship with being tickled.

Feeling: Optimistic – about life, about getting things done, that there are more good people in the world than bad, that enough is enough, that the glass is half full.

Taking Stock Snacking Popcorn

Snacking: on homemade flavoured popcorn, so fresh and tasty and almost guilt free.

Coveting: some new camera equipment and a fiddle leaf fig plant, I have the perfect spot for it.

Wishing: upon all the dandelion fluff that 2015 is fabulous, though I’m trying to create my own luck rather than relying on wishes. Though I do wish I had the opportunity to travel more.

Helping: my daughter prepare for her first year of school.

Hearing: another rendition of let it go just might kill me so I’m cranking up my own playlists when I go running.

How has your year been? Has it been half glass full?

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