Useful Thai phrases for ordering food

Useful Thai Phrases

To get the best food in Thailand you need to leave the tourist strip and find out where the locals eat. This often means you will be venturing to food stalls and restaurants where no one speaks English or only very little. Pointing and smiling will get you a long way but so will a little bit of Thai. You may also like to read about Food in Thailand and Must Try Food in Thailand. Here are some useful phrases for ordering food in Thailand.


I would like … – khor

Take Away – Glap Baan

Bag – toong

Eat here – gin tee nee

Not too spicy, I’m a foreigner – Mai phet farang

A little – Nit noy

What do you recommend? Mee a-haan nae-nam a-rai baang

How much all together – tang mot tao-rai

Delicious – aroi

Salty – kem

Sweet – wan

Spicy – phet

Sugar – naam dtaan

Please don’t use msg – mai sai pong choo rot

This one/ that one – an ni/ an nan (useful when pointing)

1, 2, 3, 4 – neung, saawng, saam, see

Bill please – check bin

Chicken – gai

Shrimp/prawns – kung

Pork – mu

Beef – neau

Fish – plah

Egg – kai

On rice – raat kaao

With soup – naam

Milk – nom

Water – nam

Beer – bia

Mango – ma-muang

Watermelon – taeng-mo

Lime – manao

Coconut – ma-prao

Thank you – korp khun kha/krup

Yes – chai

No – mai


Is there anything else you think you might need to be able to say? 

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