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I’m excited about this weeks Friday Favourites guest because this person takes after my own heart and loves food and travel, possibly two of the best things in life. Based in Canberra, Rosemarie John writes about travel, food and culture on Travel and Beyond, a blog documenting her adventures that inspire people to explore the world one step at a time.


When Malinda invited me to write about my top five favourite things, it got me thinking. I have a long list of favourite things, so I am going to pick a few. Here it goes…



My Partner in Crime

PartnerInCrime-RJohn Travel & Beyond

Joseph doesn’t like selfies, doesn’t like posing for photos and doesn’t like clicking photos of me a hundred times till I find the right shot. I on the other hand love all of that, except the selfie bit. Despite his lack of cooperation in that area, he is my ultimate travel mate. I have so much fun when I am with him, we get lost together, we argue along the way, we might discover an ice cream vendor in between that argument and a few minutes later with ice cream cones in hand, we are best friends again but still very lost! It feels terrible when I have to travel alone and I try to avoid it.


Travel-RJohn Travel & BeyondIsn’t that obvious? The plan is to travel somewhere new at least once a year. It doesn’t always have to be an exotic faraway place. It could be anywhere new, even the next state. Travel expands the mind; it gives you direction and best of all, an appreciation for home. Sometimes, when you’re sick and tired of being stuck in the same place, a quick jaunt can change that. The adage “no place like home” strikes a chord when you’re on the road with a shed like squatting toilet with no door staring you in the face!

Oyster Egg

OysterEgg-RJohn Travel & Beyond

My favourite dish is called Fried Oyster Egg. It is a typical Malaysian hawker stall dish made with garlic, oysters, eggs, potato starch & chilli. In Hokkien it is called Oh Chien and is served with a tangy spicy chilli paste on the side with lots of coriander leaves as garnish. Writing this post has got me craving for it so bad. I have yet to find this dish in Canberra and I hope that I do… like soon!

Decorating My Home

Decorating-RJohn Travel & Beyond

I just love buying beautiful things to bring character into our home. I collect curios from the different places that I visit to remind me of my adventures. I have about 30 frames of beautiful paintings from Bali and India but can’t hang them up as we are currently renting the apartment we live in and the thought of having to replaster and repaint the walls when we move into another house is just too much. So for now, those pretty frames stay inside the cupboard wrapped in bubble paper until we find our permanent abode.

The Sound of Waves

TheSoundofWaves-RJohn Travel & Beyond

There is something very soothing about the dancing tides that wash the shore. It is the only sound that can make me forget momentarily about any struggle that I might be facing. It creates a sense of peace. A calm feeling engulfs me. A recorded sound of waves doesn’t cut it. It is the ambience that adds to the feeling of serenity. Siting on the sand at dusk watching the tide rise and birds fly home to their nests is one of my favourite things to do.


Thank you so very much Rosemarie for sharing your Friday Favourites list with us. I agree, travel doesn’t have to be overseas, it can be in your own ‘backyard’. And I am the same, I like to travel with someone so that we can share the experiences and I can turn to them and say, ‘wow, did you see that?’! I hope that you enjoy unpacking all of your memories when you find your own home. 

Visit Travel and Beyond and say hello to Rosemarie John. 

What’s on your #myfridayfavourites list? How do you find your calm? 

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