Cameron Highlands Malaysia

Cameron Highlands Malaysia Guest Post

Instead of my regular Wednesday Wanderlust I thought that I would share a travel post that I did yesterday as a guest of Lucy over on Lullabelle Lifestyle. Lucy blogs about fashion, travel, books and food from her new home in Singapore and is worth a read.

I decided to share a little travel story about a great getaway you can do while visiting Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. This is a little known (but popular with the locals) part of the country that is a breath of fresh air after the hustle and bustle of the city. Jump on over to Lullabelle Lifestyle to read all about the Cameron Highlands Malaysia.

If you love Malaysia, or Asian food, or just food really, you might also be interested in reading about my food highlights from my last trip over there.

Do you get off the beaten track when you travel or do you stick to the tourist brochure?

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