A Story to Remember

A Story to Remember

This is a Story to remember. The Story Bridge in Brisbane started construction in 1935 and it took 5 years to build. Probably not a bad thing considering it was boosting employment during a depression. During that time the workers were given 3 free beers a day from the brewery perched on top of the Kangaroo Point cliffs. Every day. Every worker.

They constructed this bridge, 75 metres above the ground with no safety equipment like I am wearing, no railings or harnesses clipped to zip lines. They balanced heavy steel parts and tools and fit it all together, while in a constant state of drunkeness! Seriously, it is a marvel this bridge even stands.


Like most bridges, it was built from both sides of the river and joined in the middle. Back then, they had no gadgets to help them line it up, so they simply built directly North to South using a compass. This in itself is pretty impressive. But anyone who has been to Brisbane and across the Story Bridge, may have noticed that the road bends directly before the bridge starts. There is no other reason for this other than the fact that they didn’t want to tear down their pub! Beer, again! That’s right, the iconic Story Bridge Hotel moved roads! It is now nestled in the pillars of the bridge and is thriving amongst the thrum of traffic passing by.

Climbing the Story Bridge

I don a daggy jumpsuit and am kitted up with a safety harness and headset to climb up and down the thousand or so stairs of the Story Bridge. I didn’t realise it at the time, but there are only 3 bridges in the whole world that you can climb to the summit of! At the top of the bridge we stop and stand in the battering wind and I look off into the distance. To the North I can see the Glass House Mountains, the East has Moreten Bay and Stradbroke Island hovering in the ocean, to the South I can see the mountain ranges that divide the States and to the East I am face first with the towering skyscrapers of Brisbane City which glow in the orange sunset behind them.

Bridge story to remember

By the time I descend, the bridge is glowing in a magical blue light and the city lights flicker on as a sliver of moon hangs above it all. It is all pretty incredible and I am so thankful that I stepped away from my everyday life, and stood back (or rather at the top of it all) to notice everything that I am surrounded by. I have always said that we need to look at our own backyards for travel options. It isn’t always feasible to spend big and travel overseas to far off lands. But to get that thrill, to satisfy that adventurous urge, you don’t need to. You can explore your own ‘backyard’.

SBAC SunsetWhat’s more you can encourage others to do this. I am finding more and more that people have enough ‘stuff’ and would much prefer to have an experience, go on an adventure, doing something different. I am more than happy to gift someone a feeling and a memory rather than a thing. You can gift a Tinggly box and they get to choose their own experience, anywhere in the world from the huge list on offer. It’s a voucher for happiness, a memory, an experience of a lifetime. You give that to them, and you are left feeling all Tinggly. I like that.

This is not a sponsored post – I was not paid, but I was generously gifted an experience from Tinggly.

You are not allowed to take your own camera on the climb. The two images taken from on the bridge are from the official Story Bridge Adventure Climb website

When was the last time you explored your ‘backyard’?
Do you gift experiences?
Would you like to climb a bridge? 

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