Books I’ve been Reading

Books I've Been Reading
Geez, I never really stopped to think about how much I read, it’s a lot! Recently, it has been about 2 books a month. That’s not counting the never ending pile of kids books we seem to read every day, or the magazines, or the borrowed library books full of travel, craft, self help and cooking, or the daily consumption of internet goodies. This is what I have been reading in that quiet moment in bed before I fall asleep each night. The fictional worlds that breath fresh air into your imagination. Sadly, even if I keep going at this rate I still wont get to all of the books that I want to read in my lifetime.

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These are the books that have been whisking me away to another world over the last 6 months, that I can remember. There were a couple of books I started but ditched before I finished them, life’s too short for bad books. I’m sharing my list so that I might give some reading ideas to someone else, or maybe you have a good book suggestion for me.

Books I’ve recently read

My Books Revival Stephen KingRevival, Stephen King

This is the first Stephen King novel I have ever finished. I thought he only wrote tacky horror stories but this was a dark novel about addiction and what might exist on the other side of life. Following a Minister who leaves the church after tragedy strikes and a kid who grows up to live the nomadic lifestyle of a rock and roll guitar player. Their paths collide again with ‘electrifying’ results and a terrifying conclusion.

My Books Gone Girl Gillian FlynnGone Girl, Gillian Flynn

I think most people have seen the movie but I thought that the book was far better and there are at least a dozen significant differences to the movie. For those who haven’t seen the movie or read the book it is the story of a wife who disappears and how the husband claims innocence but becomes evasive under the spotlight as evidence is uncovered.


My Books The hundred foot journey moraisThe Hundred-Foot Journey, Richard C Morais

Another novel turned movie. I actually shared on Facebook how disappointed I was with the movie and was met with a lot of disagreement. If I hadn’t read the book the movie would have been great. But again, the storyline has been changed for the screen and it shouldn’t have been. This novel is about the rise of an unlikely gourmand from India to Paris and the hundred foot distance between the Indian restaurant and the French Michelin Star restaurant across the street and the chasm between different cultures and desires.

My Books The Time Keeper AlbomThe Time Keeper, Mitch Albom

By the same man who wrote Tuesdays with Morrie, Albom writes of the inventor of the world’s first clock and the punishment that God grants him for this. I really enjoyed this book and will probably read it again to soak in the life lessons about valuing time and using it wisely.

My Books World War Z Max BrooksWorld War Z, Max Brooks

An unusual book as it is written like a documentary of the ‘Zombie War’ that almost eradicted humanity. A good read, especially if you like things like the Walking Dead.


My Books Closing Time Joseph HellerClosing Time, Joseph Heller

This book is the sequel to the classic Catch 22 novel. The generation of characters that fought in World War 2 are coming to the end of their lives and they are all linked in fighting old age and the end. A clever satire on the decline of society, the absurdity of politics and the hypocrisy of our culture. A funny but serious novel as brilliant as Catch 22.

My Books The Ark Morrison BoydThe Ark, Boyd Morrison

I liken this to Dan Brown’s novels but a bit lighter and not as well written. An archaeologist trying to escape death, and uncover cryptic clues to the greatest archaeological discovery in history before someone else uses it to end mankind. I thought this was a fun book and will probably read the other books in the series.

My Books Big Little Lies MoriartyBig Little Lies, Liane Moriarty

I stupidly read this as my daughter was starting her first year at school, just bad timing but it was a great read. An Aussie author with a story all about ex-es, a schoolyard scandal and the little lies we tell. A strangely funny book even though it is about murder, love and domestic abuse. I thought it was very engaging and the characters were relatable to people you would know in your own life.

My Books completely beside ourselvesWe are all completely beside ourselves, Karen Joy Fowler

A child who never stopped talking grew into a woman who doesn’t talk to anyone after experiencing something so awful that she completely buried it in her mind. Her brother is wanted by the FBI and her parents are no longer themselves. And the memory of her sister resurfaces as they must deal with fate’s outcomes. I was told that there was a twist at the end of this book (which I wont reveal) but it actually came half way through and fell pretty flat for me. I wasn’t a fan and wouldn’t recommend this as a must read.

coffee_shop_ARTWORK:Layout 1The little coffee shop of Kabul, Deborah Rodriguez

An American woman sets up a coffee shop in the heart of Afghanistan which brings expat’s and local misfits together. It talks of the Taliban, friendships, love and the bond of secrets. I enjoyed this book and the colourful characters and exotic setting. This book is also known as ‘The Cup of Friendship’. It is a chick-lit book but the dark side of contemporary Afghanistan gives it a sharper edge.

My Books White Fang Jack LondonWhite Fang, Jack London

White Fang is part dog, part wolf and as the sole survivor in his litter he must learn that it is kill or be killed in the frozen wilds of northwest Canada. He is bought from his Indian master and heartbreakingly turned into a fighting pit dog. An adventurous novel about the savagery of life. Read it to find out if he ever knows kindness. London has also written and is probably better known for ‘The Call of the Wild’ so I would get a double book that includes both.

Currently Reading

My Books All the Light we Cannot SeeAll the light we cannot see, Anthony Doerr

A beautiful story of a young French girl who goes blind and her father who cares for her. When the Nazi’s occupy Paris they flee to her reclusive Uncle’s house by the sea, carrying what may be a very valuable and dangerous jewel from the museum her father works at. This is paralleled with the story of a very intelligent orphaned boy in Germany who earns a position in the Hitler Youth Academy and is quickly thrown into the war. Their stories are about to converge and I am very keen to see where it goes.

What should I read next …

I still wont get to all of the books I want to get to in my lifetime, so it is about making wise choices about what I will read next. I have a list written down of almost 50 books that I want to read and have narrowed down the list to these books to read next, I think, though I am likely to change my mind.

My Books Wild Cheryl STrayedWild: A Journey from Lost to Found, Cheryl Strayed

I have heard a little bit of hype for the movie that was made based on this book and I have a copy of it downloaded waiting to watch it, but I’d like to read the book first.

My Books Colorless murakamiColorless Tsukuru Tazaki & his years of Pilgrimage, Haruki Murakami

I find Murakami’s books fascinating but I know that his style of writing is not for everyone and can be hard to read. This is actually hubby’s book and I am politely (and not so patiently) waiting for him to read it first.

My Books A Song of Fire and IceA Song of Fire & Ice Series (7 or more books, only 5 published), George RR Martin

I am loving the Game of Thrones TV series based on the first book and am counting down to season 5 starting in just 20 sleeps (12th April!!) and I have heard that the books are even better!

My Books Go Set Watchman Harper LeeGo Set a Watchman, Harper Lee

Considering To Kill a Mockingbird was met with such acclaim I would love to see how she faired with her second ever book! Though I have heard that she actually wrote it before TKAM. Set 20 years after the original book when Scout returns to NY to visit Atticus. I would of course have to re-read the classic, but that is just as well since you can only pre-order it with the publishing date set for July.

All the Books I've Been Reading

Have you read any of these books?
What do you like the look of?
What books can you recommend to me?

*Please note that I have included links to purchase these books from the Book Depository. This is not a sponsored post but they are affiliate links. I honestly think that this is one of the best ways to buy books, the prices are low and delivery is free and quick. I will get a small percentage of the sale if you decide to purchase through The Book Depository.

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