Reflections on my Career Path Search

Reflections on my career path search

First up, thank you everyone for the beautiful feedback last week, you are all exactly why I keep coming back to this space every week. I am confident in moving forward with my blog and being a ‘lifestyle blogger’ because you all seem to love everything that I share on here, and to be honest I don’t think I could part with any section of it. So I will continue with my travel, eat, create, live mix of things and know that you are all out there creating happy lifestyles because of it. You are all awesome.

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It seems however that I left some of you hanging after my Finding Myself post, but more than that I found that so many others are out there in the same situation. So, I thought I would share how I am working through this career path search in the hope that it might give someone else out there a light bulb moment of their own.

Finding MyselfREAD MORE: Finding Myself

So we left off in Finding Myself having assessed strengths, likes, desires and so on to try and identify a possible career path. This is such a huge step, if you haven’t done this yet, go back and have a read and see if you can try to find something you want to do as a job, something you are passionate about.

the 4 big bs career path

So, after my weekend of finding my possible new passion, I found that you need 4 Big B’s to continue:

  1. Be Brave!
  2. Believe in yourself.
  3. Hit the Books – aka research but it doesn’t start with B :), learn everything you can about your possible career path.
  4. Babble – Talk to people, verbalise your thoughts to help process them. But, while constructive criticism is great, you want to try and surround yourself with supportive people who want the best for you and who will raise you up. Don’t limit yourself to family and friends, contact people already in that career, ask them everything you want to know – how did they get there, what would they do differently, what can they recommend to you … Don’t be afraid to approach people, the worst they can do is ignore you.

Once you have found your confidence in your 4 B’s, you need to take action. In all of my thinking, I found that these are some of the key things to consider when changing your career path:

Are you really thinking about what a real ‘day in the life of …’ will look like or do you have a rose coloured glasses movie version in your mind?

Is there a demand for that position now and in the future?

Does the means justify the ends? That is, will the time and money put into learning and getting the position be worth the satisfaction the job will give and the pay you will get?

How hard is it to get employment once qualified? Search current job listings and ask someone in the industry to get answers for this one.

Where would you like to work? Is it in a big corporation, a small business, for yourself?

Are there similar positions that you may not have considered? Also, look carefully at job titles as there can be confusion and different names for the same position, or a deceiving job title that isn’t what it is at all.

Do you need specific qualifications or skills? If you are unsure, read a job description for your ideal position and see how many boxes you can tick.

If you are considering study, have you looked at all of the alternatives carefully? For instance, I have found that I have to get a qualification and that I could go to university or TAFE or study online. I want to try and leave my options open for furthering my education if I decide to pursue it more seriously. This means if I do a TAFE Diploma I would like to get credit for that study rather than starting a bachelor from scratch again. Not all Diplomas are recognised by all universities. There is a lot of leg work and research involved here so have a coffee or two before tackling this! Also be aware that there are a lot of online courses that do not actually give you a recognised qualification which is important if you need to get registration with a governing authority in your industry or if you want to get credit for your study.

Hopefully, at the end of all this reflection you will have a clearer idea of if this passion is really what you want and what the best pathway is for you to get there.

Like many of you, I know I need to follow my passions and get into something that will make me happy. And I am juggling the cost and time factors carefully. I have put myself out there over the last couple of weeks, contacting strangers, reaching out into the darkness and thankfully I have heard back from some very helpful people. I was also ignored a lot. But I was prepared for that.

In the end I think I have figured out that I can start with a TAFE Diploma which will get me on the pathway to where I want to be and if down the track I feel the need to further on this I can. The Diploma is a far more cost effective solution, takes less time and let’s me test the waters without over committing. It also surprisingly gets me a lot closer to where I envisioned myself being than I initially thought it could, thanks to my babbling with people already in the industry.

While I am still mulling it all over, I think I have found the best pathway, my problem now, is figuring out how to fit the required hours of study in around my existing work, blog, motherhood and life in general. And there is still a big question mark hanging over my head, niggling some self doubt into the whole equation – will I be able to get employed after spending all my time and money getting qualified? While I would plan to get some work experience after I started studying (where I will find the time to do this as well I still don’t know!) I think that is something I just have to take a leap of faith with and hope that there is an employer waiting there with open arms before I fall on my arse.

So my biggest dilemma at the moment, is time. How do I study full time (and possibly add in work experience) with a toddler by my side and a preppie to drop off and collect from school each day?

Perhaps I should wait until all the pieces fall into place, until the time is right and it just works without all the stress and effort of it all? Perhaps I should turn my blog into a money making machine, because I enjoy doing this and if someone will pay me to do it then maybe I have a few years up my sleeve to sort this all out.

Are you on a passionate pathway?
How do you juggle your time?
Should I seriously monetise my blog?

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