Butterfly Cake

Quick & Easy Butterfly cake

This is the easiest and quickest way to make a butterfly cake. It isn’t a recipe, but a really simple way to turn an ordinary round cake into something special very quickly. Either for a special occasion or simply as a fun activity for the kids on the weekend (or school holidays) this is a great how-to to keep up your sleeve.  Once you have baked your cake, either packet mix or your very own special recipe it doesn’t matter, any type of cake will do. Make sure you let it cool completely and you are ready to make it spectacular.

Cut straight down the middle of your cake to cut it in half, then cut a third off each half. This sounds a bit confusing but basically cut a peace sign into your cake. Still confused, look at my photo above.

Arrange Butterfly Cake

Then turn the rounded edges to the middle to make a butterfly shape. Again, a picture speaks a thousand words.

licking butterfly cake mix

Spread your icing onto each section of cake. Again, whatever icing you prefer to use, it doesn’t really matter, as long as it isn’t runny. Be gentle with the cut edges so you don’t spread the crumbs around. If you have time you can melt some jam and brush it on to help stop the crumbs spreading. I find that this is just an extra step, and this is supposed to be a quick cake. If you are gentle and do a double layer of icing on the cut parts you should be fine. Quick tip – we made purple icing, the birthday girls favourite, by mixing red (note – not pink!) and blue food colouring into the icing.

Once you have iced the cake it is time for the fun part. Apart from licking the bowl, yes I let my kids lick the bowl, this is their favourite part.

Easy Butterfly Cake

For the butterfly cake body you could use a licorice stick, a straight lollipop, a curly wurly, anything really. We opted for rainbow sour straps, because, well, rainbows! Your antennae can be made from similar lollies because it is nice to be able to eat everything, or you could use pipe cleaners too. Quick tip – Try and put these lollies on just before serving or they can go a bit limp.

You can then decorate the wings however you like. We used Raspberry m&ms and sprinkled jelly crystals on. You could use icing gels to swirl patterns, rainbow skittles, mini marshmallows or any manner of lollies.

And there you have it, a quick and easy way to spruce up a round cake to make an extra special (don’t tell anyone how easy it was) butterfly cake. Pin it, share it, bookmark it, keep it up your sleeve!

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