Feed the Little Beasts

feed the little beasts kids lunchbox snack recipes

Feed the Little Beasts! If your kids are anything like mine they seem to need constant feeding and I am in the kitchen all of the time – either cooking, cleaning or hiding 😉

I try to pack a balanced lunch box for my kids every day but like us they enjoy a sweet treat after lunch too. Because I like my kids food to be healthy I try to make their sweet as good for them as I can, which often means less sugar and some hidden goodness like veggies. On top of this, individual serves are always a winner – the kids think they are great fun, it helps with portion control and makes freezing them for later a breeze.

These are a few recipes that I have shared over the year that you might find handy for your kids lunchbox snacks. You might want to finish the year off with something different or pin it for next years inspiration. Better yet, they would all be great as yummy things to have on hand for the school holidays (yes, the countdown is on!!). Most of these recipes the kids can get involved with and make with you.

Kids Lunchbox Snack Recipes

Let’s start with the run-out-the-door Breakfast, or as my littlest seems to think, the 4th round of breakfast because apparently it is the most important meal of the day. These Baked Porridge Cups are delicious warm, cold and best of all you can freeze them and quickly defrost them with a few seconds in the microwave.

recipe baked porridge cups

After breakfast we pack our lunchboxes ready for whatever the day ahead might include. After all the yummy healthy filling stuff there is a small treat for them and these are three of their favourites.

First up we have Mini Choc Chip & Zucchini Bites which are often requested even though they know that there is zucchini in them.

My recipe for choc chip zucchini bites is great for lunch boxes and freeze well.Now this next one tastes sweet but is actually healthy – sneaky I know! A Healthy Bite Sized Sweet never goes astray and I often let them dig into these for morning tea as well.

An easy recipe for three flavours of healthy bite sized sweets that are perfect for snack time. Date and coconut, Apricot and Oats, Fig and LSA.I am pretty sure I should buy shares in a blueberry farm, my girls eat their own weight in these, not that I blame them, they are delicious. So anything that uses blueberries is always going to be eaten in my home including these Healthy Blueberry Muffins.

Recipe for healthy blueberry muffinsAfter a big week or even just an epic day the last few hours can be a battle to get through so these next few recipes are perfect happy pick-me-ups that the whole family can get stuck into. I like to have mine with a side of strong coffee.

I had to hide these Peanut Butter Bars in the back of the fridge or we would have demolished the lot in one day – so good!

Peanut Butter BarsA jar of these Classic Jam Drop Cookies looks so pretty on the shelf but they don’t last long so be sure to Instagram them before they are all gone.

My classic recipe for Jam Drops, a perfect simple biscuit for anytimeThis last one is a bit of fun. I usually make a loaf of plain coconut bread but just by adding some sprinkles you can turn it into something truly exciting. Who wouldn’t love Rainbow Coconut Bread?!

Rainbow Coconut Bread Recipe

Feed the little beasts with these recipes and they will (unfortunately) keep coming back for more. 🙂 What is better than a healthy-ish lunch box treat? One that I like to eat too! Enjoy.

Do you let your kids cook with you? 
What sort of food do they love? 

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